new kids on the block

chunky knit sweater - shein

andrew and i love spending our free time on long walks. however, we haven't done this in months due to the nasty winter weather that i unapologetically loathe. sorry, winter lovers. this freezing human being is not a fan! it was 60 degrees yesterday, and as you can see.. i'm in a beanie and sweater. very necessary. yesterday was the first day we felt comfortable to go out again, roaming our new little neighborhood. i've realized how spoiled moses has become living in quiet country neighborhoods, because every little car beep and human walking... he FLIPS as if every moving thing is an intruder. his new favorite thing to do is bark his head off at three am at mystery noises coming from outside the house :) :) :). anyone looking to adopt a miniature australian shepherd... anyone? i'm convinced he's just getting back at us for using a hot pink leash on him.

anywho, andrew says i don't blog & capture enough. and it's sadly true, i have a hard time finding balance between enjoying the people i'm with in the places i'm in and remembering to share these moments simultaneously. so, these iphone snaps will suffice for the time being. i promise to be better ;)

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we moved..again! + albion fit

whoever said moving three times in less than one year was a good idea, is suuuuper wrong. oh yeah! that was me. but! i am so happy to be in a home with andrew where i know we will be comfortable together for longer than a year, and potentially start a family in this home. and the house i'm speaking of, is actually the very place i was born and raised in my young years. the nostalgic & crazy sentimental girl in me squeals at the fact we are making memories again in this special little place!

my personality is not very good at being out of my normal routine or comfort zone. i'm itching to get every tiny thing squared away and make our lives comfortable and normal again. but alas, we are only human and cannot fix our new home overnight. we are living in a sea of boxes and i think i wore the same outfit four days in a row because our clothes went missing in said sea of boxes. 

this morning, a little gift from my lovely friends at Albion Fit arrived. i can change my outfit for the first time of the week! hallelujah, amen. i have been waiting months for these leggings, y'all. MONTHS. i'm pretty sure they are made of telly tubbies and cotton candy from how soft they are. and don't even get me started on these muted colors. what a dream! they have been selling out of these so fast, and i finally got my hands on them! not to mention, this matching sports bra is just as soft. the one i am wearing is in the color "millcreek". I essentially wore it for morning yoga, but the outfit accidentally slipped into my work hours, and will probably accidentally slip into our date night. my tangly post-workout hair will probably be there, too {like always!}.

shop my leggings here, and my sports bra top here.

the lovelies at Albion are giving my followers an exclusive discount {code: CELESTECCLARK} to save you cash monay at your checkout. snag these two items before they sell out for good!

hopefully next time you see me, our life and home will be less of a mess. but who am i kidding! it always will be ;)


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one shot shop

macrame window hanging - the simple knot
knitted wool blanket - sarah lou co.
larger hanging macrame (left) - robyn of woven by ro
hoop hanging macrame (right) - knotonomy
mudcloth pillow - ebb and thread
welcome back to one shot shop! i fiiiinally came around to throwing out every bit of cedar garland in my house from christmas. the last bit was a little wreath hanging above our bed, and i was so sad to see the walls bare again. immediately i thought to myself how this was a good opportunity to start fresh for the new year and move some things around in our home. 
i've been a macrame hoarder for a couple years now, it's a very unhealthy but extremely necessary problem. every weaver i've come across has been so unique and beautiful in their own way and weaving style! so here you only see three of the millions that i have. i'd love to replace majority of my curtains with loose macrame weavings, but i realize i don't have the patience to sit and make them, and neither does anyone else.. haha!
mudcloth pillows are another unhealthy obsession lately. you'll find them in my bedroom, livingroom, guest bedroom... the list goes on. the minimal & subtle patterns are so versatile, so obviously i need a hundred of these lying around.
last but not least, the knitted wool blanket. yet again, i have many of these in my home. and yet again, i have become a hoarder. i've always had a place in my heart for soft blankets.. but these ginormous, chunky, marshmallow fluffed knitted blankets are my muse. they are worth every pretty penny, i promise! and GUESS WHAT - sarah lou co. (tagged above) is offering an extra 10% off on all her fluffy items in her shop until this sunday {use code: EXTRA10} ! so yeah, you are very welcome for that.
hope y'all are having a fabulous january so far! but let's be real, it's the worst.. but now that you've emptied your bank accounts on these lovely companies that i adore, sit back and be proud of the smart shopping decisions you made. you just made your home 100x cuter - guaranteed.
xoxo celo
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video #2!

don't forget to subscribe! xo

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youtube adventures

y'all! after basically years of twiddling my thumbs at the thought, i've made a youtubeit's extremely out of my comfort zone to open up and speak my thoughts... let alone to a camera in my office. i feel silly, but i hope y'all enjoy this new little journey i've braved to embark on.

i get countless questions and email regarding things like my style, artwork, what i'm wearing that day, tips and tutorials on crafts and paintings... you name it. i've been asked it. i hate leaving people in the dark or making them feel like they are ignored when my inbox is swamped with other work messages - so this will be my newest outlet to hopefully encourage you to channel your inner creative and make things with me. feel free to subscribe so you don't miss any videos!

i'm taking any and all suggestions you'd like to see from me. so leave a comment here, on youtube, instagram - wherever! i'm just goin' where the wind takes me on this one ;) thanks for following along!

xoxo celo

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free & printable gift tags!

download and immediately print my gift tags here!

i thought since i made my own wrapping paper, i might as well make my own gift tags, too. they're free to share with you and your loved ones to enjoy on christmas morning. pastels and white hues are what my dreams are made of, so they're here to be your cheery gift toppers.

don't forget to tag me on instagram {@celestecclark} to share your lovely wrapping job and my tags in action!

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25 days of kindness - advent calendar

my custom wooden sign is made by the darling letters to you

there wasn't a year of my life my parent's did december without an advent calendar. i looked forward to opening each tiny, numbered gift more than anything in the world.

i long for the days my own children can receive this special tradition that i was able to enjoy throughout my childhood. obviously, andrew and i don't have children yet...but! that doesn't stop me from making the annual advent calendar. thank heavens for a husband that plays along with my traditions and let's me surprise him with each tiny advent gift.

this year, i decided we should have a "25 days of kindness" advent calendar, versus having the classic advent gifts. each day has a little act of service or, "kindness", to help us remember the true importance of christmas and the essence of service it brings.

each year i like to change the style of the calendar. this time around, i thought it would be fun to use the ladder my dad & husband made for me this summer and hang each advent with twine. i wanted to keep it simple and light, so i just stamped the numbers on some kraft packages, vintage stained doilies, mini clothes hangers and threw in some strung garland to add a fun scandinavian feel. i plan to use this darling wooden sign made by my friends at letters to you for many, many christmases to come.

happy adventing, friends! can't wait to see your inspired version of my ladder calendar. tag me in your photos on instagram @celestecclark !

xoxo celo

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better late than never

you would think these photos were taken in late october - well, you're wrong! my little country town decided to hold off the pretty autumn colors until the last hour of november. however, i am happy i am still able to occasionally wear short sleeves and my wedding lace up flats near the end of the year.

oh, texas. my husband and i love you and your weirdo weather so we can enjoy our sunday walks through the "winter".

get my dress here for the many friends who asked where to buy! it's definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

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giving thanks


happiest thanksgiving, friends! there are countless things i am grateful for, but nothing more than my beloved family.

my mom has always been a huge planner and early-decorator to any holiday - and this is where we are cut from the same cloth. i could spend all day dressing up the amazing, giant farm table my dad hand-made especially for hosting in their dining room. we went a minimal route for the thanksgiving dinner table, and i highly recommend for everyone to try this next year! it is so easy, pretty, and simple. throw in some foraged greens to give your table some color and a more earthy feel.

this thanksgiving was definitely one for the books. there were a lot of firsts that happened, some good and some bad. andrew is an avid runner and somehow convinced me to run my first ever 5k with him this morning. 8am rolls around and we are sitting in the race parking lot ready to run, and andrew began to have allergies. long story short, within five minutes, his eyes and throat were swollen shut and an ambulance was sending him to the emergency room. some long hours later - we find out it was an allergic reaction to an unknown source, but he is happy and healthy now, thankfully. he jokes that i "did this to him" so i could get out of running the 5k, which isn't funny. but kind of a little bit funny, maybe. 

any who - apologies for the only few photos i was able to take, we might have been a little  busy today, ha! we hope your thanksgiving was a little less sideways than ours! 

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far left basket - plum & sparrow, sheepskin - milabert

all judgement welcome. i'm honestly surprised i even waited this long to whip out all the christmas boxes. so yes, i fully support early decorating! embrace it guys, we all know this holiday should at least be three months long. yes, there are pumpkins all over my house and yes, there is a "thankful" banner hanging on our mantle, but who says thanksgiving decor can't share with christmas a little bit? my husband could tell you straight, i am one of those year-round christmas celebrators. embarrassingly enough -my morning runs are fueled by christmas music. this is no joke, i have an extremely unhealthy obsession with this holiday.

now that i'm done putting myself on blast, i had to share this teeny corner of our living room. i had to bring back last year's unconventional floral tree that i did. it wouldn't be "celeste made" if flora wasn't included! this corner is growing by the second and i think these mini tinsel trees might start taking over our bed if i don't chill out.

to answer your question, yes, this is only the beginning people. i have some darling vintage finds i'm waiting to add atleeeast until thanksgiving dinner is over. *trying to channel my inner traditionalist*

can't wait to share dozens of DIY projects and home-made decoration & wrapping ideas this next month! happy almost thanksgiving break and happy early christmas decorating :)

xoxo celo

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