Family Floral Portrait - Canvas Tapestry Edition *pre order

Family Floral Portrait - Canvas Tapestry Edition *pre order
  • Family Floral Portrait - Canvas Tapestry Edition *pre order
  • Family Floral Portrait - Canvas Tapestry Edition *pre order
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A limited series featuring my original design, family "floral portrait" on a canvas flag. I had my illustration custom screen printed for my own home a couple years ago to give a little twist on the classic "family portrait", featuring my family's birth flowers. I've gotten inquiry after inquiry on families who would like the same - and now it's available for a limited time! So excited to share this fun artwork with you.

Utility duck made from 100% natural cotton fibers. Proudly handmade in the USA. Artwork is screenprinted. All floral artwork is black linework, illustrated by Celeste Clark.


size: 23x36 inches {my personal favorite - not too small, not too large}

 How to get process started: 

How to get the process started: Contact me here (or just email, and specify each member in your family, their birth month, as well as any important details you want to make sure are included - otherwise, I will use my artistic freedom on your custom! This black line illustration style is detailed and lovely for the minimalist type. I will respond promptly to get the ball rolling and help suggest ideas if needed! *does not include lettering/name at the bottom of each flag*. Production process starts in November and may be completed and ready to be delivered sometime later in the year.. so please be patient as we test out timing and completion of production!

If you would like your family portrait watercolored on paper and not screenprinted on cotton, you can view and purchase here!

All orders are final, no refunds or exchanges available. When talking specifics and details on your custom, if you leave any important information out, I am suggested to use my artistic freedom on what I think looks proportionate and correct. Otherwise, please specify any concerns or exact detail you might want included if you do not want my complete artistic freedom. Celeste Clark Artwork is not responsible if packages are lost via The Postal Service and no orders can be reimbursed if this were to occur {let's hope it never happens!}

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