Potty Chart - Digital Download

Potty Chart - Digital Download
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An original watercolor illustration available for Digital Download by Celeste Clark. Helping parents everywhere to make potty training more fun and less exhausting for everytone! This artwork is to help encourage your littles to go from diapers to undies with a reward style chart - stick your own stickers on the circles each time they go potty, or ask to go, and in return get some sort of reward after a handful of good potty choices! Rewards can be something as simple as a trip to the park, their favorite treat or a family movie night. The end reward could be something big of their choice, ultimately in hopes they learn that the potty is not scary and easy to learn!

how digital downloads work: Once you place your order, you will immediately be able to download your JPEG file through your desktop through the order confirmation page! Copyright watermark will not be on your official downloadable file. Artwork is copyright of Celeste Clark Artwork and is for personal use only - not available for resale.

-sizes available:

- Digital Download (can be printed up to size 11x14")

- If you are interested in knowing our professional in-house printing options, please reach out before ordering and we can let you know what you can choose from!

*The Celeste Clark copyright watermark will not be on your official download file. Due to the handmade process, there may be some slight imperfections! Colors may vary to each monitor screen for the prints.

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