Live Painting

L I V E   E V E N T   P A I N T I N G

What is live painting? Live event painting is a service where a fine artist paints an event/location in real time all throughout the event, capturing a specific special moment on canvas. Live event painting gives tasteful and unique entertainment to any special event. Guests love to stop by and re-live the moment through the artwork. Special painted moments can be anything from your wedding ceremony, first look, truly any important and meaningful moment to you!

What kind of painting is it? The medium used for live events is professional-grade watercolor paint. Watercolor breathes life unlike any other medium, given it’s wild and unpredictable nature. It’s a challenge I love to take when painting scenes, landscapes, portraits. My goal for my artwork is to give life to real, meaningful scenes and preserve the feelings of that moment in time. My painting style is inspired by antique, impressionist work using light, colorful tones, imperfect but meaningful brushstrokes and simplistic compositions. Occasionally, I will add in mixed media to extra dimension.

How to get started: Contact Celeste through the box below and provide as much information as possible:  event location and time, your personal style and aesthetic, or any other important information. We will be sure to be prompt in our response to give more information on my process and all what live painting will entail for your event, as well as pricing packages.

Once your order is placed, we will discuss in-depth via phone call/video call or email about every details regarding your live painting experience to make sure I have every detail noted to make sure the special moment from your special day is in good hands! If you decide to not pay in full, we will do a two-part payment process: First, a partial, non-refundable deposit and then a final payment of the remainder at an agreed upon date before your event.

After 6+ hours of live painting at your event, your painting will return with me to my studio to give time for final touch-ups and fine detail. It will then be mindfully packaged and shipped to you within 2 weeks of your special day. Local pick up/drop off may also be an option. 

Currently booked through 2022. Reach out to inquire on live painting packages for 2023 (update: October, November & December 2023 books are full).

I currently travel and paint at events within the Dallas Ft Worth area at no cost. A travel fee may be necessary depending on location and date. 

Live painting commissions start at $2800

I look forward to getting to know you and potentially making some magic together! x

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