Custom Announcement/Invite Cards

do not purchase this listing! read description below

The possibilities are endless with invites. It can be for any occasion. Shoot me a message inquiring this item before purchasing and we will talk details and specifications of every inch of your invites. They are hand painted on hard-pressed watercolor paper.

How to get the process started: Contact me through my "inquire" tab (or just email, and specify what you are wanting and details on your invites, as well as photos if you have inspiration. I will respond promptly to get the ball rolling and help suggest ideas if needed! if you need help with a design you want, browse my instagram to see many more options i've made!

What you are getting: the original copy of your invites hand painted on cold-pressed watercolor paper by me. {not multiple copies, just the originals}

The price depends on how many items you need me to make. If it's only one invite, or one invite and two inserts, or three inserts etc.... We will discuss it when we talk details!

How to print copies of your invites: Through your own home printer or a professional local printer to help you choose what specific paper and how many you want printed. Just bring the invites to the shop to get scanned and then you sit back and watch 'em print!

size: 5x7 for the main invite (standard) - if you are wanting something different, message me! And either 4x4 or 3.5x5 for smaller inserts.

*please note: each individual's order is unique, the price on this listing varies completely to each order. Once we discuss details on what you want, you will know your grand total then.

$ 68.50