I'm Celeste! I am an artist among all the mediums, an illustrator, photographer and a creator. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend, Andrew, and we spend our days loving our two babes. 

Some history-

I was proudly born & raised in the great state of Texas with a cow pasture surrounding all sides of my childhood home. Some of my youngest and fondest memories are sitting at the kitchen table, drawing caricatures alongside my dad and stargazing laying on the warm concrete on summer nights. My childhood is so precious to me and I am thankful for parents who fostered my love for creating and exploring my interests at such a young age. I am compassionate, head strong and sensitive to others and my family is my rock.

From that age until college, all of my illustrations and creations were purely for sport. For the last 13+ years, I've created this fruitful business of mine and have become blessed to work with extremely talented creatives in the industry. Ultimately, I have created these little pieces of my heart in hopes of spreading inspiration, encouragement, motivation and of course, joy, to others. I've self-taught everything I know, and still find something new each day to progress at. 
Please feel free to browse my collection and check back often because I'm continually creating and adding. 
For any questions, you can use the inquiry tab or email me at I am also available for selective commission artworks and media collaborations.
You can also find selective work of mine being sold throughout multiple Deseret Book stores.
Wonderful companies Celeste has been blessed to be apart of for collaborations:
Rachel Parcell, Ivy City Co, Anewall Design, Minnie and Me Interiors, Michael's, LoveShackFancy, Loomwell, Dae