a trip to the west

darling suitcase is from steamline luggage
brace y'all's selves, this is my biggest blog post since my wedding blog. so if you're like me and like pictures more than words - you'll be happy.
Andrew and I have been talking about going on a little trip for our anniversary that's small enough to drive to, yet far enough to feel like a getaway. We've had Tucson on our minds for over a year, but we couldn't justify the twelve hour car ride at this time of year. So, Marfa came to mind! It's been a place that's been sitting in the back of my head for years, but never thought I'd have a good reason to actually go there. This time for us to go was perfect.
If you don't know what Marfa is {which should be the case}, it's a teeeeny tiny town about seven hours west of Dallas, near the Mexican border. Population is under 2,000 and majority of the town's buildings are minimal museums consisting of local and nationwide artists. It's mostly known for the unique and artistic landmarks that were built literally in the middle of nowhere - thanks to New York artist Donald Judd {and many other artists} - you can read more about his work and reason behind his makings in Marfa here. It's become popular over the years, especially for Texas natives, and even more especially because the queen Bey put Prada Marfa on blast when she visited the place a few years back. Obviously whatever B does, we all follow. So, the teeny place continues to become weirder, stranger, more imaginative, etc. etc. 
This place is craawwwwwling with hipsters, y'all. I thought that term was over with by now, but the moment we came across the people visiting the place, I knew these dudes are living and thrrrriving in this strange town. Andrew and I like to people watch too much and live suuuper hard in the moment - hence why there is no evidence of these human beings. Guess you just gotta go and witness it yourself ;)
tie top from Hazel & Folk - they have more colors to choose from! similar hat here and here
Firstly, does this even look like Texas to you? I was so stoked we stumbled upon this little state park full of white sand hills. I am convinced I walked into a Star Wars film set for a second. The weather was also unbelievably perfect - 70s. Also rare for Texas in the middle of July. Also, very windy. Learn from my mistakes and don't bring your hat ;) We played here for a half hour before finishing our drive to Marfa.
hubbbbba. insert heart eyes here.
my embroidered maxi dress is from the incredible Filly Boo.
Pictures do not give this place justice. This is one of the few "glamping" grounds in Marfa, with tons of darling colored RV's, yurts, and teepees. YES. TEEPEES. TEEPEE GLAMPING. This is the moment I knew my little heart loved this place more than I could bear. First of all, I have a ginormous love affair with massive cactus, agave .. basically all desert plants. How cute are these spike-y little bushes! They are everywhere. It's almost stupid how cool this place is. There was a film festival going on the night we visited this place, so there were people meeting and greeting all around the grounds with little fire pits. Ya know, basically just a movie scene. This is when we discovered the hipsters and prime people watching. Haha!
Similar hat here & here
My dress is from the darling Hazel and Folkshoe are here, similar hat here
I made my love for crystals and minerals clear on my instagram post here. This is a must see stop for all rock lovers, like myself! The grounds are literally covered in goods, y'all. It's like rock Disneyland - I also think that's the first time that sentence as been said...
And the absolute cherry on top - their fire station is bubblegum pink. So. Stupid. Cute. Andrew couldn't understand why I was gawking at every turn in this little town, but thankfully he get's me, even when he doesn't.. {??} and enjoys photographing our ventures together. Hence, why majority of our pictures are of my mug. Apologies about that. 99% BTS of our photos are Andrew demanding me to "don't do your face like that" and "you look like you're going to the bathroom" - just to let those know our photo process is not all unicorns and rainbows, haha. 
Like I said, the weather was borderline perfect. No humidity, perfect low 70's, a little drizzly every now and then. We were in heaven here.
dress is from here {and on sale!}, similar hat here, shoes here, suitcase is Steamline Luggage
Last but not least, the obligatory photo in front of Prada Marfa. Placed thirty minutes outside of Marfa in the middle of the desert with miles and miles of nothingness until the next tiny town, that is most likely abandoned. It's the neatest little building with vintage Prada pieces on display. 
We only chipped the tip of the iceberg that this sweet little town had to offer. We are already planning our next trip to the west, including a grand stop to the Big Bend National Park and hiking our little hearts out.
We are going on year 2 of visiting the desert for our anniversary per my request... I told Andrew next year, we will be beach side :)
hope y'all blue skidoo'ed into our little trip and enjoyed it with us! i'll be polishing off the video of our visit here soon if you feel like you haven't gotten enough west Texas in your system yet ;) xo
**ps! Steamline Luggage is having a huge sale in August. This gives some time for those you'd like to save up and purchase their darling suitcases - I love mine!
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Q & A pt. II

Unfortunately I am unable to answer each and every question, or else these videos would be hours long! However, I did read each of them and got me thinking about creating my own workshop or video tutorials to share my process and how I work and run a business. If there's enough demand, I guess we shall see! Thanks for watching, y'all :)

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Instagram Q + A pt. II -- many more to come!

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three week review - youth to the people

These last few weeks, I was able to test out Youth to the People skincare line. First of all, we all know minimal design on glass bottles are obviously the sexiest packaging your eyes have ever laid on. Can you say something like that about skin care packaging? I just did. I've heard countless amazing things about this brand, so I wanted to try it for myself.

First - let me explain how my skin works before you jump to the review because we are all made different! The first 20 years of my life, my skin was borderline flawless {THANK GOODNESS FOR GOOD GENES Y'ALL} and I nevvver had a specific skin care regimen. Low maintenance is an overstatement when it came to things like taking care of my skin. It was the life. And my siblings are all the same! I did not know how good I had it until I hit age 22. This is the year my skin decided to be a twelve year old boy going through puberty.


Now, I'm newly 24 and losing the battle with my mid 20 teen skin problems. Cuz, ya know, adulting is stressful and stress causes hormonal changes and hormonal changes mess with your skin.. y'all know the drill. I don't have acne, but Google taught me that about once or twice a month I've started having a thing called "cystic acne" that reoccurs on my chin area. One or two rogue, deep, beneath-the-surface clogs that are very painful when touched or moved. YAY. And the rest of my face is clear but is dry and can become flakey, but still produces oil. Suuuper not complicated, right? So, I decided to adult and be on the lookout for a great skin regimen and thought I'd start with YTTP - and here's how it's going:

They sent me "the Set", consisting of a cleanser, face serum and a mask.

The Cleanser

I've always used a face cleanser with the rough bursting beads, thick texture and stinging salicylic acid just because I'm ignorant about these things and thought this is what everyone used, to be bluntly honest.. hah. But this! It's like nothing I've ever used. It's so extremely simple and does triple the job of what the drug store bursting beaded cleansers could (try to) do. I use it every morning in the shower. It's scent is so delightful and mild and keeps me feeling fresh all. day. long. It has a rich gel texture, so it's not heavy when I scrub my face in the shower. My favorite thing about it is the ingredients - kale, spinach and green tea. Our bodies truly just need the basics to stay fresh and clear!

The Serum

I'm still very new to the "anti aging" serum idea. Like I said, I've been very low maintenance when it came to skin my entire life, so I'm just now learning how important this is to my skin regimen. I apply it right when I get out of the shower while my skin is still damp. This magic stuff seriously does things I didn't even know I needed help with! I don't have a single wrinkle or any sign of damaged skin on my face, all thanks to this serum. The blend of vitamins and gentle texture keeps my skin glowy and young feeling all day long. Or, the cherry on top, if you will.  Definitely keeping this newby as a permanent need in my regimen.

The Mask

I won't lie - I was very nervous about this one! Only because any time I've used at-home face masks, my skin freaks out, burns and inevitably pays for the damage the next morning with rogue breakouts. But, like I said, I've heard amazing things... so I gave it a try. One word: BUTTER. It's creamy and soft texture is out of this worllllllld. It's truly the closest to a spa experience you can get - no exaggerations here. I'm an avid spa facial doer, and this is my new replacement. Also, the scent? Takes you STRAIGHT to the spa, girlfriend. It isn't perfumey or falsely nourishing like something out of Bath and Body Works. You can feel the genuine, supergreen packed ingredients literally repairing your skin. Once a week, I would leave this on for about ten minutes and rinse it off with cold water. My favorite thing about the mask is that it doesn't harden and crack as time goes on, it's just as buttery when you remove it as when you apply it. This leaves my skin soft as a baby's bum and smelling divine.. even the Husby commented on my soft face! Also, a little goes a long way - so don't let the little jar deceive you. It'll me last a substantial amount of time!

Final Verdict

10/10, easily.

Like I said, having a skin regimen is extremely new to me and I already see a significant change in my skin just by changing a few simple things I thought I didn't need. Youth to the People use real, honest ingredients in their products and it truly shows and now i'm a believer. I strongly suggest to test them out if you're curious. I firmly believe every pretty penny spent on extremely high quality products is more than worth your money. In the name of health and hygiene, do it for 90 year old you! you'll be the hottest grandma on the block with the finest skin, just because you simply took care in what you're using.


I received these products in exchange for my 100% honest review, and I'm so happy I jumped on the band wagon. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted throughout the year about my skin journey as I age, and other products I genuinely recommend. xo!

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just a tiny story about me, myself and food

Earlier this week, Andrew and I were intrigued by the latest and hottest Netflix documentary What the Health , which is a mostly one-sided view on meat and highly processed foods Americans eat every day and how it is deadly affecting our health. Yes, there are dozens of documentaries like this, and yes, a lot of them are biased opinions. This one in particular really caught my attention, so I wrote a status on Facebook the night we watched it:

"People are always poking fun when they find out I don't eat meat at the dinner table and assume I do it to be apart of the vegetarian/vegan "save the animals" movement - but the true reason is because my body has always rejected it and I would immediately be sick, so I ditched it (almost) all together to just avoid the regret & painful sickness. I'm definitely no extremist when it comes to health, but I do try my best to eat well. Any who, Andrew and I were sucked into watching the newest documentary fad "What the Health" on Netflix - and although much of it could be one-sided, it reassured many of my questions and thoughts on keeping processed meat & dairy out of my diet. I'm sure there's a lot more to learn to gain my own full opinion, but if you feel like being a bit more educated about health, you might as well give it a watch. Main reason behind this post is just because I'm curious to see others opinions on the documentary & this subject. Every one is open to their own opinion, of course. Meat eater or not, it's never a bad thing to educate yourself on what you're putting in your belly :)"
Now, we all know how dangerous it is to ask Facebook's opinions on things, but I feel like this subject doesn't have to be that extremely controversial to the point where people will start Myspace arguing through the comments, ya know?
First of all, I am the last human being to ever write my opinions loud and proud through the internet. I normally keep to myself, sometimes share a positive thought and carry on with my day. But a memory came to mind - when I was about six years old, I vividly remember eating a hamburger and immediately {sorry in advance} throwing it up. Immediately! This may be dramatic, but I haven't eaten a burger since that day, no joke. I'm sure it had something to do with being ill prepared. Thankfully, red meat isn't even slightly appealing to me, so I'm fine living life without them.
Anywho - fast forward 15-ish years. Through dozens of traumatic food poisoning experiences from ill prepared meat, gnarly stomach pains every night, painful bloating 24/7, etc... I decided "why not just be vegetarian?". Cold turkey {pun intended}, no meat or dairy, donezo. And I was fine! Then I met my carnivore boyfriend {now husband} who eventually taught me the importance of health and how my diet severely lacked protein. So ever since then, I eat light meat {like chicken, turkey, fish} about three times a week, give or take. Or just whenever the heck I feel like it. So, I don't claim to be titled as a "vegetarian" or whatever. I just like to know what I'm putting in my body!
So back to Facebook - I had a lot more direct messages versus comments, so a lot of people weren't able to hear these specific people's voices about the matter - but I got some feedback on both sides of the "animal biproducts" argument. I like to be open minded and hear every side of every opinion. A lot of people were surprised to even find out I even had interest in health and wellness. Which blows my mind, because it's a huge part of my life! Andrew and I exercise every morning, meal prep, count our calories and macros, read the labels, you name it. So this made me realize, I should be more open about other personal interests in my life other than art and fashion. I love finding other ways to connect to the world! Majority of the responses I received were from vegans/vegetarians and how their reason behind nixing animals out of their diet was the same reason as mine. And then of course, I was reminded to support my local farmers! A lot of the world forgets the extreme difference between store bought Oscar Meyer lunch meat versus the grass fed cows and chickens on local farms. Just good ol' fashioned, fat and happy animals roaming grass land, with no injected chemicals. If we just educated ourselves a little more about the extreme differences between the two & seeing the amazing nutrients local farm animal protein provides,  I think people would be open to adding "smarter" meat into their diet. Sparingly, of course. But obviously this subject isn't interesting enough to be on Netflix to become viral. So, this is my small way to be a reminder - look into your local farming! Get your vegetables at the farmers market. Educate yourself and gain your own opinion. Most importantly, listen to your body. You may find a dramatic change in your health, in the best way possible - whether it's adding more meat to your diet, or none at all.
Obviously, I am no expert on this matter! But health is something I've been passionate about as I get older and while my body changes. Keeping and open mind and learning something new every day is the key to a happy lifestyle :)
..Who's hungry?
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sun dress vs birthday suit


it has been wildly hot and humid in good ol' dallas texas lately. the month of june is not messing around and i've found it hard dressing somewhat modestly while beating the heat and came to realize nothing will suffice unless it involves being in my birthday suit and hugging a gallon of blue bell.

not socially acceptable, you say? fine. trusty sun dresses'll do. ;)

this last week my oldest sister visited texas as a pit stop with her family. homegirl is moving from pennsylvania to southern california with two babies under the age of four, so a three day break from the car ride was beneficial for both parties.

benefits on our end including getting to squeeze the sweetest little red headed babies. buuut mostly benefits for her sanity, though, hah!

with traveling and growing families, it's truly rare for my siblings to all be together at my parent's ranch where we all grew up. we played in downtown mckinney {one of our favorite little towns}, celebrated her birthday and roasted s'mores in a million degree texas summer heat - but it was soOoO worth it, obviously... because, ya know, s'mores.

i knew i had to take advantage of this time together & took off half the work week. so, needless to say, my inbox is fuller than a cow's belly, my custom painting orders are to the ceiling and i'm just sittin' pretty beside andrew on this relaxing sunday, re-watching the office for the 19th time, like the calm before the storm.

however, we all know xanax might need to be the real mvp by the end of tomorrow's work day - lol. happy sunday, y'all! 

my dress is sold out but you can shop a similar one here & here !

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shop sunday favorites

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
my obsession with florals is no secret. i rely on dresses every. single. summer! so i figure i'd attach the few favorites i weeded out from the giant sea of floral dresses in the internet world right now. some of these might even be fun for fourth of july weekend! you can shop each dress with their matching link numbers above. i've already purchased three of the ten i shared! don't tell my husband... 
happy shopping! xoxo
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diy dried floral/leaf phone case {easy as cake!}

about a year and a half ago, i wanted a fun and unique phone case and decided to make my own. since then, i have received a million and one questions about my case and where i got it. unfortunately, if it's something i feel like i can make, i don't spend a dime a test my creative boundaries - so i never had a link for y'all to purchase my exact case from. thankfully, this little impromptu leaf case test was a win and was so fun to make! so i thought i'd share the fun behind making one. i used my own pressed evergreen leaf. you can purchase dried florals online, or you can read a more in-depth leaf drying process here.

tools you will need: 

- pressed/dried florals and leaves

- a brand new clear (and high quality) phone case, here are my recommended brands to purchase: iphone 6/6s, iphone 6 plus, iphone 7, iphone 7 plus, samsung galaxy

- vinyl glue + water 

- small old brush {i like purchasing cheap packs like this one to have more brushes for future crafts!}

let's get to makin'!

Create a 1:1 ratio mixture of the vinyl glue and water.

On the inside of the case, place your dried leaves/florals in the places you want them to be. Then use a little of the glue mixture to stick each piece inside of the phone case. This helps ensure the leaves keep their place when you start adding top coats. Make sure to let it completely dry before applying top coating.

Once dry, apply a few layers of the mixture over the leaves. Let each top coat layer dry before applying the next.

It is best to let the glue dry over night, just to be safe.


voila! you have your own, one of a kind phone case that your friends wish they had. leave a comment below if you'd rather nix the whole crafting idea, and you'd like me to make one for you! i find way too much enjoyment out of creating things like this, so don't hesitate to ask ;)

xoxo celo

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shop sunday favorites

I'm more than guilty when it comes to spending the most relaxing day of the week "cyber window" shopping. I thought I'd share my top picks on this week's list that will probably end up in my cart by the end of the day, and then at my door step a few business days later.. ha! happy sunday cyber shopping, friends! xo {each item is numbered and linked below the image}

dresses - 1, 23, 4, 5

dresses cont. - 6, 7, 8, 9


bottoms & cutlottes - 1, 2, 3


shoes - 1, 2, 3, 4

accessories - 1, 2, 3, 4

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Minnetonka Giveaway!

shop my dress here, lace up boots here, hat here
Y'all. This is crazy! I've worn Minnetonka moccasins since I was a little girl, and now I'm hosting a giveaway featuring this lovely brand. I love this OG moccasin brand and I'm stoked to giveaway a store giftcard to a lucky winner on my instagram right now!
These knee high lace up boots are basically the comfy shoes from your dreams, y'all. I imagine wearing them with flowy dresses like here, maybe with some bermuda shorts and even over some comfy leggings when fall rolls around again. I'll be to sure to load up a blog post including my favorite ways to style these darling moccs. So don't miss out on the huge week long giveaway I'm hosting on my instagram! And if you're not feeling so lucky, you can just shop them on the link I attached at the top of this post.
Good luck, beautiful friends! Happy Monday!
xoxo celo
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