• Owlet - An Honest Review

    I am so excited to share this fantastic product we have been able to use for the last six weeks of Wilde’s life. I got in contact with Owlet Care well before he was born, knowing their fascinating Smart Sock was #1 on our essential list of baby items, so I am happy to share this sponsored post for any current or future mamas who have been curious about them like I was.

    In my ninth month of pregnancy, my brain was scrambled anticipating the fear of the unknown with all things baby. How am I supposed to keep this tiny human alive if I can barely keep myself alive?! Kidding.. but not really, hah! And I am a protector my nature, so I knew I would get little to no sleep peeking in on our sweet babe each time he slept. And of course, those first couple days in the hospital after labor, sleep became a fond distant memory. No joke, I got about two full hours of sleep in those two first days. Of course nurses are constantly coming in and checking on you, but the entire night my eyes were glued to Wilde and my hand on his tiny tummy to make sure I could feel his little chest rise and fall. I’m sure this is the norm for all first time moms, but I never expected to constantly have the extreme anxiety of hoping my child is still breathing! 


    My Experience ~


    My first nugget of advice for first time users is to prepare the Owlet well before you are due. Andrew and I read through the simple instructions and got everything ready knowing that first night home will be so busy, there would be no time to sit and prepare something technical like this. The Owlet requires you to download their app that notifies you & the base station (which is where the smart sock charges during the day for us) when your baby is wiggling and when their heart rate and oxygen levels fall outside the preset zones. Literally heaven sent for us crazy mamas who just stare at their child all hours of the night to make sure they’re alive. HALLELUJAH. AMEN. FOR PEACE OF MIND! I have to admit, I still double check on him every now and then, just because it seems too good to be true! But we’ve tested the sock by doing things like taking Wilde out of range and the base station & app immediately notified us there was something wrong.

    We are going on six weeks of using the Smart Sock every single night and I could not imagine sleeping well without it. I can’t say enough good about my experience so far with the Owlet and I am so grateful for the extra peace of mind it provides for me and Andrew. Do they make these things for spouses, too? Sometimes after pizza night I question if Andrew’s belly has any room for oxygen... HAH. 


    First time moms, second time moms, any type of mom... add this to your registry and wish lists. It will forever be a “need” for our family!

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    • Samantha Filiaggi says...

      Wow I really like this blog! The part were it talks about not knowing how to keep this tiny little human alive really touched me because my mom used to say that to me when I was little.

      April 22, 2019

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