• 37.5 Week Update + Hatch

    Dress is from my favorites at Hatch -- I NEED this in every color. So unbelievably comfortable and cute!
    Rounder and rounder each day :) I can't quite walk around as much as normal since I start to get sharp pelvic pains after being on my feet too long :) :) :) He is head down and verrrrry low, so I can definitely feel that pressure almost 24/7. Health wise, I feel fabulous! Totally like myself, just a little more waddling than normal, haha. I truly have enjoyed pregnancy, despite all the weird hormonal changes like 12 year old acne, my eyebrows thinning out and my hair changing color... it's been a beautiful and easy going pregnancy, so I consider myself pretty freakin' lucky. My sister insists that pictures are crucial right around this time and how I really need to start documenting these last magical weeks - I feel so silly (but mostly like a whale) taking pictures all the time, but I whole heartedly believe I will look back and wish I took those monthly "bump" pictures, so I'm making up for that now!
    A winter melon! About 6 lbs. 
    I think that is officially off the table! Just trying my best to eat well and get enough nutrition nowadays.
    Still our little dude :)
    I've finally found the maternity heavens! It's hard to find maternity clothes that aren't frumpy and something you feel like you wouldn't normally wear, you know what I mean? I'm so happy I got together with the dolls at HATCH and snagged a couple items from their new spring line. I'm sincerely not joking when I say I've worn this dress for the last four days in a row (so yeah, basically since the day I got it in the mail). It's the first of many dresses I'm sure I will invest in... pregnant or not. Haha! I really love their denim line too, because they don't have the ugly additional piece of fabric that goes over your belly and you have to find a shirt long enough to cover that hideous thing. I have always front-tucked my shirts in my jeans, and you can do that with their maternity pants! I'm in love.
    Remember that pelvic pain I was talking about? Yeah, running is off the table haha. I miss running a lot! So I've been living on the elliptical instead, it's a lot less taxing and hard on my ever growing belly. I definitely see my body changing and preparing itsself for labor and growing this babe at a faster rate now. They say your body produces so much fluid (including an incredible amount of additional blood) near the end, so these changes are good! I'm eager to get back to work and start my goals for my new and healthy body postpartum. Exercise is one of the things that really get my endorphins going, so I feel so much happier! It will definitely be a learning curve figuring out how to juggle sweet baby boy and my new exercise routines. I hear this also helps with PPD, which I really hope to combat if that were to ever happen!
    I look back at this entire pregnancy and really wish I worried less. But who am I kidding.. I will be the biggest worry wart for the rest of baby boy's life! I'm trying my best to sit back and soak in these last couple weeks and enjoy these moments alone... quiet moments alone.. hah! Countless times I have had the opportunity to really put pregnancy into perspective and really wrap my head around how extremely blessed I am to even be able to be with child! That really turns my day around when I start to worry about the future and the unknown, I'm just lucky to be bearing my own little baby that's (so far) healthy as ever. I just wish I could get out of my head and give myself a break! I just want to be the best mother I can be. Also! I am really trying to comprehend labor. LOL. I'm still in denial that I'll wake up one day and he'll just be there so I don't have to endure the labor part. Again, just gotta let go and go with the freakin' flow.
    Feeling accomplished that I actually completed something from my to-do list each day. HAH. Some days the "nesting" trigger happens, but doesn't last long because it usually requires me to bend over, which obviously is not physically my most favorite thing to do lately :) So I'd say checking things off our list and feeling SOMEWHAT prepared is nice.. which I'm sure is only the tip of the iceberg of what's really to come!
    -First, obviously discovering my new found loves at Hatch.  I'm needing this dress and these jeans next. 
    - I've heard a lot about the benefits of belly bands after birth, so I did some research and invested in this one. I'll definitely let y'all know if it was worth it or not!
    - Nursing dresses! Gimme aaalll the nursing friendly clothes! For some reason, I'm on this kick lately so I've been on the hunt for all things button down with all the flaps and secret passage ways..  haha! I have an unhealthy love for this dress and this top!
    Happiest Good Friday to y'all! And of course, Happy Easter. This is truly the loveliest holiday & time of year.
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