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    It has been such a delight to work with amazing, talented women who happen to start their own business the exact same way I did - on their own powered by determination, starting from the ground-up and working around the clock (and babies!).. this woman in particular, is one of the OG bloggers of our time.
    Say what you will about "blogs" and the negative connotation others may say about it being a saturated market, but I think it's an incredible outlet for people of all sorts to 1) share their God given talents and 2) inspire others.. and be inspired! What the heck is negative about that? Bloggers and influencers have to have an extremely tough skin to get through the unnecessary haters, but they continue to share their content and inspire millions around the world - myself included. I'm also more of a "see the glass half-full" type of person, so this may only make sense to people with my same perspective, but this could be a nice little light to those who don't quite understand this angle of the argument.
    Rach is a doll and so kind. I've made a handful of watercolored designs exclusively for her brand over the last year & a half and just feel honored to be apart of her lovely, romantic clothing line.
    I received this sweet little package at my front porch consisting of a piece from her new spring line {launching tomorrow, March 19th!}, necklaces from my favorites Made by Mary {one saying "mama".. reminding me I can't believe I've earned this title!}, a fabulous velvet hanger and yummy little macaroon. So darling, right?
    skirt | similar shoes & here | similar hat | similar top
    This skirt is buttery soft, to say at the least. It also fit perfect and snug over my belly, which is great even though it's not titled a "maternity" item. I've tried to save my money throughout this pregnancy and not purchase unnecessary amounts of maternity clothes that only last a few short months - so a piece as versatile as this is perfect. And it'll be amazing with my postpartum body as well! It has multiple soft, flowy layers, so it's inevitably flattering.
    Not to mention... it has my own artwork on it! This will never get old to me. I am continually grateful for opportunities like this. As a little girl, I would have never dreamt that I would be wearing my own artwork.. not to mention, being a full time artist in general!

    Basically.. this post is just to share my gratitude. And also, being a proud soccer mom wearing my own florals, of course. I really hope others are encouraged to "see the glass half-full", you will see such a huge change in your life finding the positive in things you may have thought were meant to be negative. There's room for all of us to be happy!
    Happy happy spring, friends! xo
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