• 39 week bumpdate


    How on earth have we made it this far? To be only a few days away from our due date feels so surreal, it always felt like a distant thing that would never happen. It's getting so. dang. real. 

    I'm thoroughly enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy, to be honest. I've never understood the people who say they love being pregnant and all the things that come with it, and I definitely stand by that still, but I've really loved these last couple weeks for so many reasons! First, this last month I've officially "popped" and look pregnant versus having a questionable Thanksgiving dinner belly, if y'all know what I mean. So it's a really fun conversation starter with people - strangers in Texas LOVE to chat, especially about babies! I haaaven't loved the many side effects that came with pregnancy (like my eyebrows thinning/changing color, weird skin issues like eczema forming and terrible teenage-like acne, the peeing + sneezing thing getting out of hand.. just to name a few) but I'm really embracing these last few days, especially knowing this will be my last first pregnancy. It's so bitter sweet. I feel wonderful & totally like myself, so life has been fabulous. I'm very very very lucky!
    A watermelon. WHAT!
    I think rather than a craving, there's some things I'm REALLY excited to start eating again so soon. There's a sub shop that's been local in our town for forever and I absolutely love their salads, but steered clear from it just because they say cold cuts aren't completely safe and stagnant lettuce isn't the best thing to consume - although I'm sure it's alright, I just like to be safe. SO YEAH. VERY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE TURKEY SAMMICHES THAT WILL BE ON THE MENU VERY SOON ;) 
    Still our little dude :)
    Well, with a week left, it may be a little too late to start purchasing those, hah! I've honestly lately just lived in my comfies or Andrew's tee shirts since I work from home. When we go out, dresses, always! Honestly never felt the need to buy a maternity specific dress since most dresses are already maternity friendly.. but I guess that can also depend on your belly size! 
    Same as before! The elliptical is my bff since I'm not able to run anymore. I'm thinking of starting to take long walks again (I stopped walking a few weeks ago because I would always get Braxton Hicks contractions) to see if baby boy would want to make his debut a little sooner than later! I wouldn't mind :) 
    Getting out of bed is a whole new game lately... I literally have to roll like a tree log to stand up to go pee every 1.5 hours in the night (NO JOKE. EVERY 1.5 HOURS). The last week I haven't been able to fall asleep, either. Which is so odd because I'm super fatigued! My body hasn't been able to fall asleep until around 5am and then I'm up again at 7am. Maybe this is the baby really preparing me for what's to come? LOL. I'm the type of person who can barely function on less than 7 hours of sleep, so this will be fun. Also my skin is so out of whack... hormones really are no joke when it comes to pregnancy! I definitely do not feel like I have that "pregnancy glow" they always talk about..
    When Andrew grabs his guitar and starts playing/singing lullabies to my belly. I could sit there for hours and soak in all that sweetness. Rocking quietly in the nursery chair, staring at the quiet room and envisioning all the little memories we will make here. Collecting all the sweet little things like bonnets and socks and onesies, they are so tiny for such a short time! Andrew keeps surprising me and buying these adorable little nikes or vans for me to freak out over. Why are tiny things the best?!
    -For labor/aftermath/cozy home time, I snagged a couple cute robes from Pink Blush. I love this one and then this one for the days I wanna feel eeextra pretty ;)
    -Also heard great things about this nursing bra. I also got another cozy bra I think would be a great substitute as a nursing bra here & here.
    -I have heard waaay too much about how recovery after baby can be long and grueling. People really don't talk about this enough because I had never heard about this until late into my pregnancy! Like HELLO, of course there's going to be a recovery time needed. You push a dang baby out of your body! Women are super stars!! So I'm stocking up on cozy clothes that aren't too frumpy, but cozy enough to lounge in for days at a time if needed. 1) a Dwell and Slumber dress is an obvious one here, no brainer. 2) I've stocked up on my fair share of cute sweat pants that aren't too hot, like these and these.
     -Last but not least, this is so unrelated to pregnancy.. but my eyes popped out of my head when I saw these. If a sneaker had my name written all over them, it would be THESE. SO unique and darling, right?! Get them now. You are very welcome. 
    I have gotten in contact with so many amazing small shops that have gifted us with some amazing items for us to cherish for years to come -- I will be sure to make a blog post sharing my experience with each of these items (and many more) with a newborn! But in the mean time... FIVE. MORE. DAYS. LEFT.
    I'M FINE.
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    • Brandon says...

      God Bless you and Andrew! Best of wishes to the Little Dude :); cannot wait to meet him! To the many years to come! Thank you for always being so welcoming and open!

      Brandon Kuehnhold

      April 13, 2018

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