• a baby shower in the garden

    The time has come! After much reluctancy (on my end), we showered baby boy this weekend and I am so happy I decided to have a shower (very last minute, might i add! i genuinely hate the attention!) I happily painted my own invitation... I mean, it is my day job to do things like this ;) BUT, I never paint things for myself. It was fun to take my head out of work mode and paint a little something just for me. 
    My amazing sister, Ashley and my mom jumped on the party planning train the second I gave the OK - and I am not even slightly surprised how much effort and detail Ashley put into everything. She's very type-A when it comes to planning and almost always makes every tiny piece of decor by hand, no matter what the job is. She's one of the few people who understand and know my minimalistic, yet modern, eclectic, slight bohemian, nature inspired, rough around the edge style (HA), so of course her first thought for the theme was to be Peter Rabbit. I have always been inspired by Beatrix Potter story books and the sweetness of the illustrations and soft color tones. Not to mention, it's based out in nature and obviously I am all things leafy and earthy.. DUH. Every plant and vegetable you see is real, too. Real life garden party!
    My parent's house on the farm is the coziest, most quiet place so it just all tied in together perfectly. So yes, they nailed everything on the dang head. We constantly tell Ashley that party planning is her life calling, but I think she genuinely just enjoys creating things from her heart and soul. I would say we are very related in that sense :) My siblings all have this type of work ethic in common! We love creating original content, it's so fulfilling!
    It was such a nice, easy going morning gathered by so many lovely friends and family. Baby boy is absolutely spoiled rotten already!
    My parent's front entrance felt like a tiny little farmer's market with 3ft tall Peter Rabbit characters greeting you at the front door. So freakin' cute, right?!
    The weather was amazing this weekend, sunshiny & high 60's - so we left the door wide open to greet our friends to welcome themselves in with the lovely breeze following behind them {open windows and doors are a RARITY with Texas -- March is the sweet spot between freezing and mosquito/flies season} 
    Ashley set up a little guestbook type station once everyone walked in. And next to that was the party favor section - customizable essential oil rice/lavender bags. Such a fun thing to keep in your car or office space to give a calming scent. Of course, Ashley thought of this, and yes, it's adorable.
    This is easily my favorite part! The painting block room.
    We aren't the biggest fans of cheesy baby shower games, so this little activity was light, easy for everyone & practical since I got to take them home! I didn't get a moment to sit and paint, but it made me giddy seeing the girls gather and channel their inner painter ;) My parent's house is open with tall ceilings, so the rooms were divided but still feel all together - if that makes sense?!
    So of course, Frank Sinatra was blaring in the kitchen for all these open rooms to enjoy in the background. He's my abbbbbsolute favorite. Jazz 4 ever.
    The master minds behind it all! Ashley is to my left and mama to my right. 
    Cute & tiny little fact - 
    Ash painted these little pictures on edible sugar paper for the cakes. Kidding me?!
    We were having too much fun, so I only got a couple pictures with a few of the many gals that came!
    I'm still in sliiight denial that we will have a baby in a few short weeks. It's slowly getting real and my bending over skills are slowly decreasing. Basically every emotion has come across mine and Andrew's bodies - trying to make time slow down so we can soak in these special moments!

    All my best wishes to y'all and hope your weekend was just as beautiful as it was in Texas! xo
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    • Ashley Peck says...

      Love you Celeste! You’re going to be the best mama in the world. Thank you for letting me throw a party for you and Bebe boy. I’m glad you loved it, you totally deserve it all!! Can’t wait to meet the sweet little nugget.

      March 04, 2018

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