• a belated 33 week update

    Still feeling great! Defffffinitely feeling larger each and every day. I didn't know my belly could feel so stretched until the next day comes and it's even more than before, haha! Embracing my changing body, but kind of excited about the thought of being able to sleep on my stomach in a few weeks (that's if I'll be sleeping at all, HA!). The first trimester fatigue symptoms came back with a vengeance for a hot second.. NO THANK YOU! 
    A honeydew melon! About 4.5 lbs. 
    Nada. I thought today that I was craving fruit, so I ate a couple raspberries, then was fine afterwards. LOL. Still no force-husband-to-run-to-dairy-queen type cravings! 
    Still our little dude :)
    I can't believe I haven't bought any maternity clothes being almost 9 months pregnant... I'd literally rather just re-wear cute sweat pants all week long than purchase some jeans that'll only last a few months in my wardrobe. I also have zero problem with secretly walking around with my normal jeans unzipped/unbuttoned... is that something you aren't supposed to admit? I think pride goes out the window when you're sharing a bladder with a tiny child and your belly inevitably peaks beneath your t-shirts.
    This has significantly slowed down for the last couple weeks.. I had a couple freak accidents with Braxton Hicks contractions that spooked me a few times that lead to a trip to my OB for testing, so I've realized I have to relax with my cardio and running a bit. Both of my nieces were born 6 weeks early (that would be 4 days from today if I were to follow in my sister's footsteps.. OMG) and I ain't tryna have a NICU baby over here! But still staying active and listening to my body whenever it tells me to chill out :)
    My own mind! I swear I dig so deep in my head when I start thinking about the things that are to come, how unprepared I feel, the scary things about labor and afterward, continuing to be a good wife while learning to be a good, new mother.. you know.. very average, low key things. NOT. Sometimes I just have to stop myself and breathe! I am kind of a control freak and the fear of the unknown drives me crazy, so these last weeks of pregnancy are definitely testing my anxiety levels.. Any mamas with this type of issue that have any sort of solution to ease the mind - HOLLA AT YA GIRL because I am low-key flipping out over here :')
    Also.. bending over. That's very much so a challenge.
    Whenever I'm able to chill out and breathe and start thinking of the magical, beautiful things that are to come so soon. Imaging Andrew as a father. He is going to be so unbelievable. I'm sure I'll be falling in love with him all over again every day.. just with a little more spit up on his shirt than normal :) Also, getting all his tiny clothes washed & hung up by teeny velvet hangers.. I DIE! This is why we have kids, guys. For the tiny, adorable baby clothes. (Just kidding.. obviously. Kind of). My mother-in-law and I scrounged around their basement and found a couple clothes Andrew wore as a baby, so those were especially fun to wash and hang up.
    A big blog post for this is still coming! Just add that to my procrastination list :)
    -I have been wearing this waist extender over my jeans on the days I feel like looking presentable and not completely expose that my pants are unzipped, definitely worth buying so I can wear my own jeans!
    -Since I don't have any maternity tops, these Madewell button ups are freaking fabulous for the belly. They're long enough to hit your waist and are flattering on the bump! I have this one and this one, too. (they run big and roomy, so size down if that ain't your thing)
    -Andrew got me this exact water bottle knowing my daily water intake needs to be no less than a billion ounces, hah! And I will especially need to while I'm breastfeeding. I'm obsessed with it and refuse to drink out of anything else. I love that it holds a ton of liquids without being bulky and obnoxious and the straw is my absolute FAVVV part, y'all. Doesn't take much, haha.


    Happy March, y'all! So happy to see Spring just around the corner. We will be out in the warm Texas sun this weekend, hope yours is just as fabulous. xo

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