• contacts - the millennial way

    I've worn contacts since I was in fifth grade, so ordering my monthly and yearly contacts have become a normal routine in my life. As I've gotten older, the time to renew my eye exam each year is like a that annoying dark cloud that i'd rather not have to address. Taking the time to physically go to an eye doctor and wait for the prescription to be made usually would take up half my day - ain't nobody got time for that! I have no shame to say I am a millennial when it comes to things like this, and then I come across the lovely Simple Contactand found out I can order new contacts simply (HA!) through their app.

    *cue hallelujah song*

    The time we connected, I was literally down to one contact that I had stretched over a 6 month period (muuuch longer than what a contact life should be, hah!). That shows you how uninterested I was into dealing with going to another doctor and waiting a month to receive new contacts - not to mention, spending an arm and a leg. 

    So, here I am, blessing you contact wearers and making your life a teeeeny bit easier because I swear this is the only way I will buy my contacts from now on. The process is easy as cake.

    1. Open the app (or visit the website) and enter in some info that's shorter than a CVS receipt

    2. Literally snap three photos of your eyes to check for redness

    3. The shortest eye exam in history... all on your phone!!! This blew my mind, y'all. Thank heavens for modern technology.

    ANY WHO - once that's all over with (probably three minutes have passed by now) you pick your contact lenses and then all the information is on it's merry way, ready to be packaged up and promptly delivered at your doorstep. Their customer service is on top of every concern and I love when companies keep you constantly updated on your order. 

    This is not a drill. And even better, to save $30 on your first order, enter CELESTE30 at your checkout and your wallet (and spouse) will be happy :) I am passionate about great companies like this because we've all been screwed over one time and another... so I have to share any time I come across quality companies. I am too excited about my new friends over here!

    Cheers to living a smarter life and treating your eyeballs! ;) xoxo

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