• channeling my inner cupid

    shop my dress here - on sale y'all!! Also non-maternity, but still comfy as ever with or without the belly :)
    I thought i'd share some cute little numbers I've found browsing over the last few weeks. I am constantly virtually window shopping, so if I can't buy all the things, why not spread the love so I may live vicarious through whoever decides to purchase some of these finds, hah! Obviously I'm sharing all things valentine's related, because I thoroughly enjoy dressing up for each holiday. I also rarely ever wear much red, so it's always fun to mix things up every now and then.
    I was raised to dress accordingly on every Sunday each time there was a holiday that week - is that just a southern thing? Andrew thinks it's so silly when I help him color coordinate his tie with these cutesy holidays, but he participates. Bless his soul. And my soon to be son who will be doing the same, I'm sure ;) 
    I've shared some more expensive finds (but worth the pennies!) and affordable finds, because I am secretly the biggest bargain shopper there is. Either way, your closet will thank you. Happy shopping!
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    xoxo celo
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