• celebrating a belated third trimester


    shop my dress here (non-maternity, but fits just fine with the bump!)


     Honestly, like a million bucks! I am so grateful to be saying that, too. The first trimester was definitely as horrendous as they say it is, but since week 12, I've 100% felt like my normal self. Except maybe with a little more waddling than normal and the occasional pee-when-sneezing situation happens.. but that's about it. But I won't hold my breath, we're not quite done yet!


    They say the size of a cauliflower! And almost three pounds.  


    I honestly hate when I get asked this because I know people expect a fun answer from me, but NO! Weirdly enough, I haven't had any gnarly cravings out of the norm that I wouldn't eat before pregnancy. In the first trimester, I had a lot of aversions so I could only eat bread and oatmeal without wanting to throw up - but other than aversions, nothing's changed about my diet, really! However, I do enjoy avocado toast (with a dash of salt + red pepper flakes.. YUM) a tad more than normal and have to have my daily boiled egg for breakfast every day... but then again, that's not out of the norm. I know, suuuper exciting stuff.


     Little dude! Chunky boy. Bebe. Bubba. Still can't believe he's a boy!


    It is so hard for me to justify buying clothes I'd only wear a couple months! I'm so hard headed to the fact that I'm still wearing my normal jeans, but completely unzipped and unbuttoned (with a shirt that covers my waist area, 'cuz modesty DUHH) .. HAHA! Should I be embarrassed of that?! So long story long, not yet (?). Only because I'm being a stickler about spending my money in more important places. Otherwise, I will continue to really look forward to Spring arriving early (HOLLA @ Texas weather) and just living in dresses again :)


    Absolutely! Not much has changed in my daily exercises how they were before pregnancy. It's such an important part of my life, so making it a priority even while I'm pregnant is crucial! My daily morning cardio/jogs have definitely progressively gotten slower and every now and then I'll have to stop and walk if I feel little aches or cramps - which I know is okay! Sometimes baby boy let's me know when it's time to rest, so I listen :) I do weight training 3-4 times a week with some small adjustments for my ever-growing belly. If you'd like to know more about this, I'd love to share! Ultimately, I know keeping my health in check will benefit me AND baby boy.. and even postpartum, so that's awesome.


     I wouldn't say this is necessarily a challenge, but I really miss high waisted jeans. Or just jeans in general.. HAHA. Like I mentioned before, I am reluctant to buy maternity.. so for now I'm just wearing my normal clothes, but it's not the same! Something else I haven't loved lately is feeling like an elephant on my runs. Seriously, I feel like the ground is shaking with each leap I take LOL but hey, at least I'm moving, right?! Also, I'm not one hundred percent if I have an opinion on people rubbing my little bump without permission.. hah! Perhaps I will as time goes on, but for now, I just try to embrace it :)


    This is easy. Feeling him move SO OFTEN! He is a kicking maniac in there! His favorite time to wake up is the moment I lay my head down for bed... thinking this is a foreshadow for what's to come this April ;) Sometimes I think he moves the bed with each punt he makes, no joke. Such a surreal feeling! Also knowing that everything is so far, so good. That's been my biggest worry for my entire pregnancy is making sure he's healthy and everything is moving right along. We are truly blessed with this happy guy! Also, seeing loved ones and family members so genuinely happy for you. It truly adds to the excitement of everything. Babies bring so much joy!


     I haven't bought too much for myself specifically for pregnancy, but I've stumbled upon so many amazing baby companies and items that I am so excited to share over time. For now, here's a few of these things at the top of that list to start off the excitement:

    1) These sweat pants. Honestly, the best buy I've made in awhile, y'all. They are so light weight, suuuper soft and really flattering (especially for that baby bump!) Pregnant or not, you need 'em. And while you're at it, these are amazing too. They're a little thicker for those chillier days. YES I own them and YES they are just as fabulous.

    2) While we are talking about clothes, I'm really adoring tea length and tasteful maxi dresses lately. Especially with a little bump to dress up :) This is a favorite with a cute turtleneck underneath, also this one, and this one... aaaand this one. And I'm waiting for this gem to arrive on my doorstep anyday!

    3) My skin is unbelievably sensitive and more acne prone from all the crazy hormones lately, so I've relied on wholesome skin products to help aid my facial skin. My go-to (and every day routine) is this face cleanser, followed by this serum (A MUST Y'ALL!) that keeps my skin tight and youthful. Once a week I do this mask and love it's creamy formula made of vitamins and vegetables. Literally makes my face feel like a baby's bottom every time I remove it! Take it from someone who rarely spends money on themselves -- the price is worth EVERY penny, especially when it comes to wholesome skin products with no harmful chemicals. 

    4) This bassinet. Breathtaking! I haven't purchased one for our little guy's nursery yet, mostly because I have a few sliiightly more important things to purchase (like a car seat and stroller..hah!) before getting the cutesie stuff. But obviously this is at the top of my list!

    5) I got one of these blankets for the baby boo, buuut I'm considering ordering like five more because... well.. duh. SO SOFT! My blanket hoarding is becoming unhealthy, but I just love all things softy, y'all!

    6) All things Design Dua. Easily one of my favorite brands. Moses' dog bed is from here and I get compliments on it all the time! Can't wait to share what gems I've stocked up on for little boy this year :)

    necklace was gifted, you can get the same from here 

    Is there anything on your must-have list that you have yet to pull the trigger on?! Any and all recommendations are welcome, I've only got a few more months of this preparing game - after that, there's NO looking back. Haha!

    until next time, xo! celo

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