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    ear muffs - banana republic, poncho - asos, bag - nena & co

    Our cheesy smiles speak volumes on how this last week went. This was my second time visiting the east coast and Andrew's first. If you're looking for the best tour guide, hit up my sister and her husband living in Philadelphia - they know the good stuff. A big reason we went out there is because we scored Jimmy Fallon tickets in New York (those who know me, know this is a huge deal) with my sister and brother and law. I am the obnoxious tourist with the fuzzy earmuffs and fifty layers of clothes on, if you didn't notice. I love the east coast's charm with the old, intricate architecture, the stoops (does anyone else think of Hey, Arnold when you hear the word stoop?!), teeny tiny hole in the wall restaurants, and the shopping duh

    And lastly, many people have asked how we got our Jimmy tickets. I can't quite go into detail since I have my sister to thank who has gone to his shows more than any obsessed fan show be allowed to - ha! But to put it shortly, you simply need to create an account here and enter to join the "lottery" to win tickets. Find the day the tickets go live and act on it the second it opens. Keep in mind, the tickets that become available are for the month ahead of the month you are in. Ex: we signed up for tickets for a March showing while it was the beginning of February at the time. They usually sell out within 30 minutes of opening the day you enter to get tickets. And to top it off, it's free! We loved visiting, but we are happy to be home with the cows again :)

    xoxo celo

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