• watercolor printer paper vs matte poster paper

    left print - watercolor paper / right print - matte cover paper ^
    watercolor printer paper ^
    matte printer poster paper ^
    ^left print - watercolor printer paper / right print - matte poster paper
    top print - watercolor printer paper / bottom print - matte poster paper^
    My newest addition to my shop is the option to print on regular matte poster paper OR my new high quality, textured watercolor printer paper. A lot of people may not know the significant difference between these two poster papers, so I am here to help you find out which one you'd want to choose before your payment!
    watercolor textured printer paper - I truly and dearly love this paper. Not only does it feel and look like the actual watercolor paper that I paint on, but each time it prints out a print, it looks like I hand painted it right there. The color is a beautiful eggshell-white. It's exquisite texture allows for each detail in my scanned paintings to arrive on the paper as if it is real watercolor. It's tricky! But in a great way. Also, colors print extremely vibrant exactly like my original hand-paintings. So basically, it looks like you're receiving a hand-painted original. This is why this paper is a little pricier than the regular matte poster paper option. It's a pricey piece of paper, but definitely worth it!
    matte poster paper- I'd call this your classic, thick, creamy-white toned poster paper. It's very smooth and sturdy, doesn't quite print as vibrant as the watercolor paper, but that is expected in any classic poster paper. It's still great quality, and prints exactly as shown. Some people may not even notice the difference between the two papers and prints, but I know the people who care about the quality…care. This paper has never failed me in any of my prints, and customers love when they receive it. This is the cheaper option, as well.
    So, the choice is yours! Higher quality paper or not, each print does not disappoint in anyway. I just want my clients to know they have options. Happy shopping! Contact me for any questions.
    xoxo celo
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