• market at the silos

    the lovely thing about texas is how ginormous it is and how extremely different each little city is. when they say "everything is bigger in texas", it is no joke, y'all. waco, texas is definitely not a known place in the world (baylor university is an exception of this), and is basically just miles and miles of farm land... until chip & joanna gaines from Fixer Upper happened. somehow they put central texas on the map of hot spots. we drove to waco from dallas for a quick little friday trip to see their newest magnolia market at the silos. apologies for those who follow me on snapchat (username: @celestecoslett) because i excessively shared this little experience through that outlet. it was the loveliest place to shop for unique items for your home and it's location has such charm, you can't help but be drawn to it. the huge lawn that was filled with families playing ball surrounded by multiple food trucks next to the garden & petting zoo makes this entire thing a huge family attraction. anyone near this location, i highly recommend it for a weekend trip! 

    xoxo celo

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