• 25 days of kindness - advent calendar

    my custom wooden sign is made by the darling letters to you

    there wasn't a year of my life my parent's did december without an advent calendar. i looked forward to opening each tiny, numbered gift more than anything in the world.

    i long for the days my own children can receive this special tradition that i was able to enjoy throughout my childhood. obviously, andrew and i don't have children yet...but! that doesn't stop me from making the annual advent calendar. thank heavens for a husband that plays along with my traditions and let's me surprise him with each tiny advent gift.

    this year, i decided we should have a "25 days of kindness" advent calendar, versus having the classic advent gifts. each day has a little act of service or, "kindness", to help us remember the true importance of christmas and the essence of service it brings.

    each year i like to change the style of the calendar. this time around, i thought it would be fun to use the ladder my dad & husband made for me this summer and hang each advent with twine. i wanted to keep it simple and light, so i just stamped the numbers on some kraft packages, vintage stained doilies, mini clothes hangers and threw in some strung garland to add a fun scandinavian feel. i plan to use this darling wooden sign made by my friends at letters to you for many, many christmases to come.

    happy adventing, friends! can't wait to see your inspired version of my ladder calendar. tag me in your photos on instagram @celestecclark !

    xoxo celo

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    • Celeste Clark says...

      I love hearing others keep this tradition alive as well! We never missed a year. Thanks for following along and your kind words!
      xoxo Celeste

      December 21, 2016

    • Stevie says...

      love this! my mom always did advent with my sister and I growing up. I just got married and I love that I get to carry the tradition on with him. p.s. your home is beautiful <3

      December 04, 2016

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