• mmmMEEEOOOOOooo

    Since moving to Texas early this January, I forgot my love for the cows and bulls out on the ranch I grew up on. Every morning, Andrew and I run past these little babies and I fall in love all over again. The longhorns I grew up with, had about eight little bulls a few months ago and I wish I could keep them in my pocket. Living on the farm again brings back so many fond memories. Andrew calls them "cute", so he's pretty much a cowboy now, in my world. Every woman's dream, am I right?! Keep this up and we will have our own little chicken coop by next week.
    did I mention every time we pass them, Andrew yells "mmMMMEEOOOOOOOOoo" and it sounds weirdly IDENTICAL to how they actually moo? He's pretty impressive.
    xoxo celo
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