• bryr clogs & celeste clark artwork - BRIDAL EDITION

    shoes pictured: Sofie Peep Toe, Miranda Peep Toe, Audrey Sandal


    With wedding season just around the corner, I've geared up my brushes ready to dive in deep this year. I've added tons of new items for my brides to add just that extra touch of detail they are looking for (where was I when I planned my own wedding..?). One of those things are my popular bridesmaids cards (as well as maid of honor cards and custom invites). My good friends over at Bryr Studio happen to work with brides as often (if not, way more) as I do, but on the other end of the spectrum - shoes! Duh. These clogs are out of this world adorable and they have a line specifically for the brides and their maids. We thought pairing our two items together make a lovely match so the ladies in the wedding party feels apart and special. These are ideal for any unique bride who likes to make a statement (and prove their fashion sense) that you can keep for a lifetime. So here is my advice, future brides: with my cards paired Bryr's clogs, you will be the bride of the century. Enjoy planning and add your own little twist for your special day. We custom make each item to make you happy and excited for your future.


    xoxo celo

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