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    the first of october may be the next most celebrated day to christmas. what is it about how quick these colorful pumpkins come and go? it's like they're all my children and i feel like i need one in every corner of my life. and what's with them being more photogenic than most people? rude. also note: i am infamous for being a hoarder of candles, specifically the spice and christmas scented, so holler at ya girl if you're needing any good recommendations.. haha!

    i am so thankful for the beauty and happiness this time of year brings everyone. there's a whole new energy in the air! i forgot how different texas fall is compared to utah fall. i see friends and family already walking around in coats and beanies over there, and snow capping the mountain peaks. the low is barely even hitting 75 degrees in dallas and everyone here is dressing the same as my utah people. hilarious. i miss those colorful, crisp mountains right about now - but i still find so much beauty in these green, wide open spaces filled with roaming cows and brown crunchy oak tree leaves blanketing the ground. i'm falling in love with my dallas home all over again. 

    in light of the joy this new season has brought... enjoy my complimentary pumpkin photo/illustration as a digital download here! can't wait to show everyone all the little halloweeny paintings i've got hidden up my sleeve ;) 

    xoxo celo

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    • Mar says...

      Hi! It looks like the link is broken. Is this tech wallpaper still available for download?

      October 30, 2017

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