• giving thanks


    happiest thanksgiving, friends! there are countless things i am grateful for, but nothing more than my beloved family.

    my mom has always been a huge planner and early-decorator to any holiday - and this is where we are cut from the same cloth. i could spend all day dressing up the amazing, giant farm table my dad hand-made especially for hosting in their dining room. we went a minimal route for the thanksgiving dinner table, and i highly recommend for everyone to try this next year! it is so easy, pretty, and simple. throw in some foraged greens to give your table some color and a more earthy feel.

    this thanksgiving was definitely one for the books. there were a lot of firsts that happened, some good and some bad. andrew is an avid runner and somehow convinced me to run my first ever 5k with him this morning. 8am rolls around and we are sitting in the race parking lot ready to run, and andrew began to have allergies. long story short, within five minutes, his eyes and throat were swollen shut and an ambulance was sending him to the emergency room. some long hours later - we find out it was an allergic reaction to an unknown source, but he is happy and healthy now, thankfully. he jokes that i "did this to him" so i could get out of running the 5k, which isn't funny. but kind of a little bit funny, maybe. 

    any who - apologies for the only few photos i was able to take, we might have been a little  busy today, ha! we hope your thanksgiving was a little less sideways than ours! 

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