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    I am - borderline - in denial it's officially almost Halloween day. I feel like I blinked and October came and went! Am I the only crazy one who feels this way? I know one thing, my skin tone begs to differ... all of those hours at the pool working for that sun kissed skin all summer is a long lost memory now. R.I.P tan skin. 
    It's also that time of year where Texas weather absolutely goes AWOL. It was a toasty 90 last weekend and yesterday morning I walked outside to a crisp 35 (!!!) and SLEET. I think living in Utah for so long made me forget the bipolar weather Dallas has to offer during these in-between seasons. Still can't decide if I hate it or love it? But I can say I was a little too excited to throw on my softy turtleneck and fuzzy socks. My attitude towards the weather is just as bipolar as the Texas forecast, haha. So let's see how much I love the cold when we visit Utah in December ..... nottttt.
    TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF! Happy Halloween y'all! Despite the time flying and experiencing new things that comes along with pregnancy, I am fully embracing this lovely autumn. Usually I like to go all-out for mine and Andrew's costumes each year and most of the time Andrew surprisingly has a very stiff opinion on what we are, and I'm just like "can you just shut your beautiful mouth and do what I say?!", but ya know, marriage is about the compromises and sacrifices. Or he just eventually gives in and agrees to whatever I think of... kind of like this year :) This costume was super last minute and maybe like a year late but WHATEVER I DON'T CARE because it involves Beyonce. AKA wifey. If you have absolutely no idea why we look the way we look, do yourself a favor and listen & watch Bey be an angel in this her Hold Up music video. I think it was pretty impressive given we just used what we already had!
    I think I've officially become a grandma from the excitement I get thinking about the trick or treaters we will have this year. I grew up on a Texas farm my entire life and then lived up in the mountains in Utah, so I've never experienced giving out candy before. It's the little things, y'all.
    Oh! And a little pregnancy fun from this week - First, I sneezed.... then peed. That's a first and I don't think I'll ever want to get used to that. Haha. Second, the teenager and pregnant lady in me literally sobbed at the end of a season of Vampire Diaries. Who am I? Watching shows about vampires and then ugly crying to it?! This is who I've become, take it or leave it people.
    Have a spooky 31st, y'all :) xo
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