• wicker + dried flowers. amen.

    I've gotten so many questions regarding this teeny little wicker bucket bag. I've had more comments on this purse in public than I would if I were in a clown suit. No joke, this thing is a showstopper, I guess? It was a little gift to myself for my birthday, and apparently it was a good choice! Everyone needs a lovely wicker number in their life. So I've attached a link to this exact one, as well as a few other similar ones for your shopping pleasure ;) Also! I have to explain myself on why this rack looks like a garden blew up on it... I don't have a very good explanation other than I'm the flower culprit. It's supposed to be a nice little rack for your hats and coats the moment you walk in our home, but then the dried floral hoarder in me used the rack as an opportunity to hang my little botanical friends. It's multiplying by the hour, I don't know what to do with myself! Bless my husband for dealing with ridiculous things like this :')
    Also, if you missed my newest print added to my site {pictured here}, you can shop it here!
    Shop some of my favorite woven bags here, similar here, here, here and here. Aaaand here. My bag is from here, but it's sold out :( & hoping they bring it back in stock!
    hope y'all had the springiest monday! xoxo celo
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