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    chunky knit sweater - shein

    andrew and i love spending our free time on long walks. however, we haven't done this in months due to the nasty winter weather that i unapologetically loathe. sorry, winter lovers. this freezing human being is not a fan! it was 60 degrees yesterday, and as you can see.. i'm in a beanie and sweater. very necessary. yesterday was the first day we felt comfortable to go out again, roaming our new little neighborhood. i've realized how spoiled moses has become living in quiet country neighborhoods, because every little car beep and human walking... he FLIPS as if every moving thing is an intruder. his new favorite thing to do is bark his head off at three am at mystery noises coming from outside the house :) :) :). anyone looking to adopt a miniature australian shepherd... anyone? i'm convinced he's just getting back at us for using a hot pink leash on him.

    anywho, andrew says i don't blog & capture enough. and it's sadly true, i have a hard time finding balance between enjoying the people i'm with in the places i'm in and remembering to share these moments simultaneously. so, these iphone snaps will suffice for the time being. i promise to be better ;)

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