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    macrame window hanging - the simple knot
    knitted wool blanket - sarah lou co.
    larger hanging macrame (left) - robyn of woven by ro
    hoop hanging macrame (right) - knotonomy
    mudcloth pillow - ebb and thread
    welcome back to one shot shop! i fiiiinally came around to throwing out every bit of cedar garland in my house from christmas. the last bit was a little wreath hanging above our bed, and i was so sad to see the walls bare again. immediately i thought to myself how this was a good opportunity to start fresh for the new year and move some things around in our home. 
    i've been a macrame hoarder for a couple years now, it's a very unhealthy but extremely necessary problem. every weaver i've come across has been so unique and beautiful in their own way and weaving style! so here you only see three of the millions that i have. i'd love to replace majority of my curtains with loose macrame weavings, but i realize i don't have the patience to sit and make them, and neither does anyone else.. haha!
    mudcloth pillows are another unhealthy obsession lately. you'll find them in my bedroom, livingroom, guest bedroom... the list goes on. the minimal & subtle patterns are so versatile, so obviously i need a hundred of these lying around.
    last but not least, the knitted wool blanket. yet again, i have many of these in my home. and yet again, i have become a hoarder. i've always had a place in my heart for soft blankets.. but these ginormous, chunky, marshmallow fluffed knitted blankets are my muse. they are worth every pretty penny, i promise! and GUESS WHAT - sarah lou co. (tagged above) is offering an extra 10% off on all her fluffy items in her shop until this sunday {use code: EXTRA10} ! so yeah, you are very welcome for that.
    hope y'all are having a fabulous january so far! but let's be real, it's the worst.. but now that you've emptied your bank accounts on these lovely companies that i adore, sit back and be proud of the smart shopping decisions you made. you just made your home 100x cuter - guaranteed.
    xoxo celo
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