• if my hair could talk

    disclaimer: this hair has not been washed in a whopping number of ten days. i repeat: ten days. braids do wonders for this mop head of hair girlfriend over here. also, shout out to dry shampoo. hence why the pink has stuck a lot longer than most people's color typically lasts! strangely enough when your hair length is to your waist, sometimes neglecting it from the shampoo and conditioner gives it time to love it's self and have a little healing process. if my hair could talk, it would be like that grandmother with the stories about walking 30 miles to school, barefoot in the snow, there and back, every day. we've been through a lot, guys. i have been asked on numerous occasions... "what vitamins did you take to get your hair so long?", "how is it so healthy and still blonde?", "how long did it take?", "are they extensions?". I am in no way an expert, but here's some tips from my own experience for those who are interested!

    now, this of course isn't for everyone's hair. i happen to be extremely low maintenance when it comes to beauty products and only stumbled upon the fact that my lack of washing was actually highly beneficial for my hair. so i'm practically accidentally taking care of it, haha! i wash once, maybe twice {if my husband is lucky} a week, same with brushing it {insane, i know.} I change my hair products every time i run out. i am currently using moroccan oil hydrating shampoo, enjoy conditioner and mythic oil after the shower.

    my hair was platinum blonde for the last ten years of my life, so now i'm slowly letting it recover from those glorious blonde years and letting my natural color grow out while using hydrating products. as you can tell, my ends are the tail end of my platinum hairs that once were at the top of my head {tear}, it is a long story on why i decided to grow out my natural color and i'm still trying to embrace my natural color. i have been lavender, peach, yellow, neon blue, peach again, hot pink, you name it. my head has been through the ringer - time for some TLC, says all my hair dresser friends. if there's one thing i believe in spending your pretty penny on, it's great products you can only get from a salon or a licensed beauty expert you know. stay away from chemicals and ingredients that you can't even pronounce, they're terrible! {utah friends - if you're wanting pink hair like mine, go to platinum studio in orem & ask for kami. she's my darling friend who has been with me and my hair through thick and thin!}

    long story short - take care of your hair. don't stress about it every second, it will grow. have fun with it. you will get your desired hair in due time. pay for good products, read ingredients and stay away from drug store products. don't forget your trims. it takes time, patience grasshopper. now, who has a dollar for every time i said hair? hope this helps, y'all!

    xoxo celo

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    • Celeste Clark says...

      Hi Kimberly! Thank you for your kind words. My dress is from Asos last summer. xoxo!

      December 21, 2016

    • Kimberly says...

      love your blog! your style is so cute! and your dress is darling where is it from?

      November 07, 2016

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