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    y'all! after basically years of twiddling my thumbs at the thought, i've made a youtubeit's extremely out of my comfort zone to open up and speak my thoughts... let alone to a camera in my office. i feel silly, but i hope y'all enjoy this new little journey i've braved to embark on.

    i get countless questions and email regarding things like my style, artwork, what i'm wearing that day, tips and tutorials on crafts and paintings... you name it. i've been asked it. i hate leaving people in the dark or making them feel like they are ignored when my inbox is swamped with other work messages - so this will be my newest outlet to hopefully encourage you to channel your inner creative and make things with me. feel free to subscribe so you don't miss any videos!

    i'm taking any and all suggestions you'd like to see from me. so leave a comment here, on youtube, instagram - wherever! i'm just goin' where the wind takes me on this one ;) thanks for following along!

    xoxo celo

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    • M says...

      i’d love to see a painting tutorial! you’re darling!

      February 18, 2017

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