• 26 balloons

    The sad balloons that nearly lasted only a couple hours...oops?

    My niece Scout loves Andrew more than anyone else in the family!


    I was raised in a home where holidays, especially birthdays are a really, really big deal. Making this day special for the one I love the most makes me all giddy, despite how much Andrew hates attention - homeboy will have to get over that real quick knowing he married me, haha. The party was Tucson/desert themed, inspired by the two years he lived in Arizona where he devoured loaded Sonoran hot dogs multiple times a week. I wanted to recreate that time of his life to bring back memories. I made the little face banner that had mini sombrero hats... I DIE at his baby picture! Everyone had their own Cholula bottle and Perrier (Andrew's favorite) and loaded up their own bacon-wrapped hotdogs in the fresh bolillo buns I snagged at the Mexican market.  Anyone else having a birthday soon? I could do this stuff aaalll day, y'all.

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