• Minnetonka Giveaway!

    shop my dress here, lace up boots here, hat here
    Y'all. This is crazy! I've worn Minnetonka moccasins since I was a little girl, and now I'm hosting a giveaway featuring this lovely brand. I love this OG moccasin brand and I'm stoked to giveaway a store giftcard to a lucky winner on my instagram right now!
    These knee high lace up boots are basically the comfy shoes from your dreams, y'all. I imagine wearing them with flowy dresses like here, maybe with some bermuda shorts and even over some comfy leggings when fall rolls around again. I'll be to sure to load up a blog post including my favorite ways to style these darling moccs. So don't miss out on the huge week long giveaway I'm hosting on my instagram! And if you're not feeling so lucky, you can just shop them on the link I attached at the top of this post.
    Good luck, beautiful friends! Happy Monday!
    xoxo celo
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