• sun spoiled

    lace beach dress - saldana vintage, carryall bag - nena & co, swimmer bottoms - kortni jeane, mine & andrews sunglasses - eyebuydirect


    being a week away from the paintbrush feels so unnatural, but this last week's vacation away from the humidity and work life was more than needed. andrew and i spent a week in newport with his lovely family right off the beach. catching seashells every overcast morning and bonzai bowls every lunch is basically my heaven on earth. and don't get me started on the countless fences and walls spilling with wild flowers and succulents the size of my head covering the ground. and obviously disney! bless my husband for his patience and my constant photo taking self. i couldn't have enjoyed this without the amazing brands that contributed to our trip, check out the links above to browse the items we sported all week! california, you have spoiled us...and destroyed our blessed ghostly skin.

    xoxo celo


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