• three week review - youth to the people

    These last few weeks, I was able to test out Youth to the People skincare line. First of all, we all know minimal design on glass bottles are obviously the sexiest packaging your eyes have ever laid on. Can you say something like that about skin care packaging? I just did. I've heard countless amazing things about this brand, so I wanted to try it for myself.

    First - let me explain how my skin works before you jump to the review because we are all made different! The first 20 years of my life, my skin was borderline flawless {THANK GOODNESS FOR GOOD GENES Y'ALL} and I nevvver had a specific skin care regimen. Low maintenance is an overstatement when it came to things like taking care of my skin. It was the life. And my siblings are all the same! I did not know how good I had it until I hit age 22. This is the year my skin decided to be a twelve year old boy going through puberty.


    Now, I'm newly 24 and losing the battle with my mid 20 teen skin problems. Cuz, ya know, adulting is stressful and stress causes hormonal changes and hormonal changes mess with your skin.. y'all know the drill. I don't have acne, but Google taught me that about once or twice a month I've started having a thing called "cystic acne" that reoccurs on my chin area. One or two rogue, deep, beneath-the-surface clogs that are very painful when touched or moved. YAY. And the rest of my face is clear but is dry and can become flakey, but still produces oil. Suuuper not complicated, right? So, I decided to adult and be on the lookout for a great skin regimen and thought I'd start with YTTP - and here's how it's going:

    They sent me "the Set", consisting of a cleanser, face serum and a mask.

    The Cleanser

    I've always used a face cleanser with the rough bursting beads, thick texture and stinging salicylic acid just because I'm ignorant about these things and thought this is what everyone used, to be bluntly honest.. hah. But this! It's like nothing I've ever used. It's so extremely simple and does triple the job of what the drug store bursting beaded cleansers could (try to) do. I use it every morning in the shower. It's scent is so delightful and mild and keeps me feeling fresh all. day. long. It has a rich gel texture, so it's not heavy when I scrub my face in the shower. My favorite thing about it is the ingredients - kale, spinach and green tea. Our bodies truly just need the basics to stay fresh and clear!

    The Serum

    I'm still very new to the "anti aging" serum idea. Like I said, I've been very low maintenance when it came to skin my entire life, so I'm just now learning how important this is to my skin regimen. I apply it right when I get out of the shower while my skin is still damp. This magic stuff seriously does things I didn't even know I needed help with! I don't have a single wrinkle or any sign of damaged skin on my face, all thanks to this serum. The blend of vitamins and gentle texture keeps my skin glowy and young feeling all day long. Or, the cherry on top, if you will.  Definitely keeping this newby as a permanent need in my regimen.

    The Mask

    I won't lie - I was very nervous about this one! Only because any time I've used at-home face masks, my skin freaks out, burns and inevitably pays for the damage the next morning with rogue breakouts. But, like I said, I've heard amazing things... so I gave it a try. One word: BUTTER. It's creamy and soft texture is out of this worllllllld. It's truly the closest to a spa experience you can get - no exaggerations here. I'm an avid spa facial doer, and this is my new replacement. Also, the scent? Takes you STRAIGHT to the spa, girlfriend. It isn't perfumey or falsely nourishing like something out of Bath and Body Works. You can feel the genuine, supergreen packed ingredients literally repairing your skin. Once a week, I would leave this on for about ten minutes and rinse it off with cold water. My favorite thing about the mask is that it doesn't harden and crack as time goes on, it's just as buttery when you remove it as when you apply it. This leaves my skin soft as a baby's bum and smelling divine.. even the Husby commented on my soft face! Also, a little goes a long way - so don't let the little jar deceive you. It'll me last a substantial amount of time!

    Final Verdict

    10/10, easily.

    Like I said, having a skin regimen is extremely new to me and I already see a significant change in my skin just by changing a few simple things I thought I didn't need. Youth to the People use real, honest ingredients in their products and it truly shows and now i'm a believer. I strongly suggest to test them out if you're curious. I firmly believe every pretty penny spent on extremely high quality products is more than worth your money. In the name of health and hygiene, do it for 90 year old you! you'll be the hottest grandma on the block with the finest skin, just because you simply took care in what you're using.


    I received these products in exchange for my 100% honest review, and I'm so happy I jumped on the band wagon. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted throughout the year about my skin journey as I age, and other products I genuinely recommend. xo!

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