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    far left basket - plum & sparrow, sheepskin - milabert

    all judgement welcome. i'm honestly surprised i even waited this long to whip out all the christmas boxes. so yes, i fully support early decorating! embrace it guys, we all know this holiday should at least be three months long. yes, there are pumpkins all over my house and yes, there is a "thankful" banner hanging on our mantle, but who says thanksgiving decor can't share with christmas a little bit? my husband could tell you straight, i am one of those year-round christmas celebrators. embarrassingly enough -my morning runs are fueled by christmas music. this is no joke, i have an extremely unhealthy obsession with this holiday.

    now that i'm done putting myself on blast, i had to share this teeny corner of our living room. i had to bring back last year's unconventional floral tree that i did. it wouldn't be "celeste made" if flora wasn't included! this corner is growing by the second and i think these mini tinsel trees might start taking over our bed if i don't chill out.

    to answer your question, yes, this is only the beginning people. i have some darling vintage finds i'm waiting to add atleeeast until thanksgiving dinner is over. *trying to channel my inner traditionalist*

    can't wait to share dozens of DIY projects and home-made decoration & wrapping ideas this next month! happy almost thanksgiving break and happy early christmas decorating :)

    xoxo celo

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    • Yurii says...

      Great composition for Christmas, thanks to the author for the idea. By the way I also put a Christmas tree on my new Sheepskin Rug this Christmas https://nativenatural.co.uk/collections/single-sheepskin-rug/products/khaki-green-short-pile-sheepskin-rug
      My rug is a dark green colour, so it matched the colour of the Christmas tree very well.

      January 05, 2024

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