• back to the lovely waco

    surprise, surprise! we tripped to Magnolia, yet again.

    in my defense, they make it pretty easy to be obsessed with them when they're only a couple hours from home. In Texas language, a two hour drive isn't a road trip. It's a quick trip. In everywhere else language, that's normally ridiculous, haha!

    my mom and I really enjoy tripping to waco every now and then, but as Magnolia's popularity increases by the millions, we don't find ourselves going as often as we used to. Only because the place is more packed than Disneyland literally every single day of the week. we definitely pick and choose the best time of week to go to get it out of our system.

    first of all - i have to note how incredibly insane it is that waco, texas is even CONSIDERED to be on "the map". my entire life it was always just the halfway point when driving to Austin from Dallas. To be completely frank, Waco is kind of a nothing town (PLEASE DON'T KILL ME LOCAL WACO-ANS! haha). It feels wrong saying that, but it's very true. It does have Baylor University, which is great, but that's pretty much it when you think of waco.

    Enter Chip and Joanna Gaines. two of the best angels Texas is proud to call their own. and now there are people FLYING INTO WACO from all over the nation and even out of the country?!! this still blows my mind. Waco. tiny, quiet country town Waco, Texas has visitors flying in every weekend. this is where Chip and Jo are saints in the business world. so, cheers to them for putting the tiniest little farm town on the map and selling out hotels/airbnbs and giving hundreds of locals jobs. it's truly amazing to watch unfold.

    and it's still growing, every single day! i'm sure our trips there will continue to be far and few between as it rapidly continues to grow - but we will be happy to watch it grow from afar. especially after hearing they are starting to sell home goods throughout the Targets all over the nation - like I need another reason to go to Target?! ugh, sorry husband. but not really.

    shirt | jumper | similar hat & here


    i could talk for days about this lovely place and why we enjoy it so much, but i'll let the photos speak for themselves. if you're planning a trip there, just spend a little while enjoying the lovely garden area and pop a squat on the darling wooden swings (for all ages!) on the lawn. honestly, we don't only go there to shop the market. it's a wonderful family friendly place for ages of all kind to enjoy.

    and don't forget to stop by the cute little bakery. the cashiers are the kindest and i'm proud to be a texan beside them with their southern hospitality and friendly chatter - i can see why people from out of state visit often just because of these lovely employees! also, i don't have a favorite baked good. it's all incredible. no shocker there ;)

    i hope your week is a little more autumn feeling than dallas right now. it's a toasty 95 today! xo

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