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    after a long time of waiting, we are beyond thrilled to welcome a little addition to our family! andrew and i come from very close families, so starting one together was a no-brainer. timing is a funny thing, you think you have this idea in your head of a perfect scenario, and of course it never ends up the way you expect it to! this little one didn't quite want to leave heaven until the time it did, but we are so grateful to finally be here in the place we've waited to be in.
    i know i have so much to learn and gain (literally and figuratively...hah!) during this first pregnancy. so far it's been an absolute rollercoaster. bless my patient husband! we have a long way to go, so i'm sure this blog will be some sort of an outlet/journal for me to share all my insane experiences during this huge milestone in our lives together.
    the first trimester is absolutely NO joke, y'all! your body does things you didn't know could even happen. andrew and i always talked about how i wouldn't be a typical pregnant woman and give in to "cravings" and live life like a normal person. BOY WAS THAT A NAIVE THING TO SAY. you absolutely don't know what it's going to be like until you have this tiny blueberry sized baby in your belly calling the shots, y'all. the first early few weeks i was nauseous 24/7. all. day. long. everything in site made me physically ill and it forced me to stop making dinners for awhile {raw chicken? NOPE.}.. so those little things i used to say like "i'll still eat the way i do now and won't give in to cravings" went out the window! for three weeks i could only stomach dry bread, crackers, beans and rice. Nutritious, right? haha! but i am so grateful for these little things that come along with creating life. feeling sick all day long and pretending like you're fine to the public to keep from spilling the beans is no easy task! anywho, i could talk about this forever, but i will definitely be sure to keep updates on here as time passes and the belly grows {eeek!}. 
    thank you to those who have congratulated us already, we feel the love so deeply and are continuously counting our blessings as we plan for this new and growing time in our lives. all are welcome to follow along, share their own experiences, thoughts, advice, anything! i look up to each and every mama, you are warriors! 
    {don't know what i'd do without the humor of this boy. i think 1/3 of the photos we took look like this. he's ridiculous but i hope our babe has his silly sense of humor!}
    see y'all again soon with more updates :) xo!
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