• it’s a...

    B O Y ! 
    I thought in this moment: There's no way.
    First of all, we had the gender in an envelope a week before we opened it. A week! I was going insane! We both wholeheartedly thought this little nugget was a girl. I was in DISBELIEF, to put it lightly. I'm sure the photos speak volumes... haha! It honestly took me all week to comprehend the thought of a boy, it was such a huge shock! Mine and Andrew's families are FULL of girls and I have two darling red headed nieces I'm super close with (both five years old), so I just thought they would have a little cousin to play dolls with. But thank heavens my two year old nephew's gonna have a new little man to push around :)

    The moment the blue confetti began to fall, Andrew calls out "it's a girl!!!" and I looked at him so confused and said, "honey, those are blue!". Bless his colorblindness, maybe we should have done an easier gender reveal that was a little more colorblind friendly... my bad Andrew (love you, tho). The funniest part was, I wanted to believe what he said even though I was watching the opposite color confetti hit the floor- only because I was so convinced it was going to be a girl! I was even dumb enough to buy pink things already - boy oh boy was I wrong. pun intended.

    Despite the blindsiding, we are so excited. I definitely have to switch my thought process from ballet, dolls and bows to trucks, motorbikes and balls. I'm SUCH a girly girl, so I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to baby boys! I'm sure his little sister is waiting in Heaven, it wasn't quite her time to come down yet :)
    For the last three months, we had such a specific idea in mind how our little babe was going to be. But nope! The Lord knows exactly what he has planned for us, so I will never question why my hopes and predictions end up wrong. It's such an exciting time, so I'm just trying to comprehend and soak it all in.
    On that note... where my boy mamas at?! When can I sign him up for hockey practice? Haha ;)
    -I made the pull string pinata from supplies I had at home with a paper lantern, tissue tassles, homemade paper floral garland and confetti.
    -You can shop my dress here
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    • Naomi says...

      Congratulations!:) When I was pregnant my husband and I both thought I was having a girl too, like, I felt 99% sure. It was a shock when we found out we were having a boy!! But it’s the greatest blessing.

      October 09, 2017

    • Aubrey says...

      Haha I was the same way with my first! I grew up with 4 sisters so having a boy was a huge change. All my son wants to do is play ball, jump around, and crash things and I am such a doll person. Now I have a girl tho and I can’t imagine life without either! You’ll be wonderful – it’s a good growing experience! Haha:)

      October 09, 2017

    • Rebecca Hicks says...

      Oh my goodness! When I read this I was dying laughing haha so funny!
      Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! <3

      October 08, 2017

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