• Second Trimester!

    {So! There's always a problem where I piece outfits together, post it, and then I get asked where certain items are from so they can shop them too, but the items are usually sold out. I have this clothing hoarding issue where I keep everything. I think I still have shoes from 7th grade that I'm keeping for that rainy day occasion..so, like I said.. it's an issue. I've attached some links to similar items of some of this outfit so you can shop ALMOST the same exact clothes I am wearing here ;) }

    similar cape here & here | free people top | alias may booties, similar booties | similar jeans | similar hat


    I always forget september and october are the busiest time of year for me, preparing for spring weddings and christmas gifts and such. I feel like I'm drowning in work and have such little time to make creative content for fun and share, so it can be a little discouraging to feel like I'm lacking on releasing my daily artistic breaks. I realized I've slowed down on sharing myself and my personal life for the last month and it's totally from the excitement of annoucing our growing family and the swarm of custom orders I've got to complete each day. It's definitely a blessing, but I'm slowly trying to find traction and balance between life and work (balance? kind of like a fantasy, but it's fine. haha!), so Andrew and I have been spending our evenings unplugged and being potatoes while re-binge watching The Office. And I am more than content about that.

    --First ever Pregnant Update! Since it's so early in my pregnancy, I don't feel like it's necessary to do an in-depth weekly or monthly update (unless you really want to know?!), but I've finally hit the second trimester this week, so I've gotta tell you a few of the funny things that's happened throughout this first trimester!

    morning sickness?

    majority of the first trimester I was extremely nauseated from morning until night. All. Friggin. Day. It was kind of a nightmare but I am definitely thanking my lucky stars I didn't have to throw up. well, I actually did. but throwing up is my worst nightmare, so I did anything and everything to keep from doing so, haha! I lived off of dry bread, egg whites, crackers and lots and lots of tums. Andrew also bought me those sea bands that are meant for motion sickness, so I wore them every day. They are so ugly, but I genuinely felt like they helped sometimes, so fashion went out the window! This was also a little risky because some mama's know exactly what those sea bands mean, so I got asked pretty often if I was pregnant. Sorry to everyone I lied to, I'm sure my fake story was unconvincing anyway!! I'm finally not nauseated all day anymore, but just right before bed now. YAHOO. 

    cravings? aversions?

    once I hit month 2 and didn't feel sick for a hot 30 minutes, I only wanted Pho. Literally just the broth and the noodles. So that's what I did. I ate Pho. Then! I could only tolerate mexican rice and refried beans. The most recent couple of weeks I've got more of an appetite and almost every single day I want mashed potatoes and corn and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE. Also, sour punch straws. But that's normal for every one, pregnant or not, right?! Also, I hated raw meat before pregnancy, but it's hit a whole new level. I basically have to force myself to eat chicken to get my protein in, soooo that could be a problem :) Other than that, I definitely try to maintain the healthy lifestyle I've had and not give in to anything too extreme or unnecessary.


    yep! i've changed nothing about my workout schedule since the day I found out. Andrew and I have gone to the gym almost every day together for the last three years, so I didn't find it necessary to need to stop going. Unless I was feeling extremely ill, I would rest. But for the most part, I feel better after a good run so I make sure I get a good sweat in 6 mornings out of the week. On Sundays I just enjoy long walks :)

    any other funny symptoms/stories?

    Fatigue! I've been extremely tired since week 4. Occasional headaches, but I've only taken a handful of tylenol my entire life, so I just try to eat well and drink enough water to not take any medication. Usually always works! Also, Andrew is really cute. Homeboy has been wanting to be a dad since the moment we said "I do". He brings home sour punch straws on the weekly, but I'm thinking he's kind of leaning on my "cravings" to be an excuse for him to indulge on them too.. haha! We talk about names every day and have had our baby's first name decided on since before we were even pregnant! But definitely keeping that hush-hush until he is born, I don't want anyone to ruin it for us! 


    I hope y'all are having a fabulous fall week! it's 70 in dallas right now and I'm just crying tears of joy about it. october, i love you.


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