• this post is mostly just about food. not sorry.

    pants are from here, top is from here
    a little update on life! i turned a year older over the weekend and still feeling weird about it. i feel like i just turned 18 yesterday, blinked, and i woke up 24. time is a reaaaal trick. i told andrew i simply wanted a home cooked meal with my family and nothing else for my birthday, because, ya know... i'm old and don't like gifts anymore. 
    and of course, my lovely husband goes behind my back to plan the most elaborate trip we've ever done together. few days before, i came home from costco with arms full of groceries and walked up to a letter attached to my front door written "Celeste, open immediately!! Don't wait!!", so naturally I obeyed and used my only free ligament - pinky finger - to open this letter while holding 20 lbs of groceries. I don't mess around with "don't wait!!" 's, y'all. This was followed by the cutest scavenger hunt that had me running around my house, sweating, ultimately leading to a letter with a photo of the Austin skyline. 
    {the closest you can get to banzai bowls in austin!}
    you would think andrew and i hadn't had a meal in months by the way we ate this weekend. with an obligatory voodoo doughnuts stop with loaded cereal toppings and i won't even mention how many times we stopped at the sonoran hot dog food truck - i'm almost positive andrew's veins are pumping with sonoran fever 24/7. then more donuts, more food trucks, lots of giant slices of pizza from one of the best joints on South Congress, acai bowls... i'm gaining back those 15 pounds of food as i type this, so i'll stop there.
    taken in the Uncommon Antiques shop located on SoCo.
    i got tons of questions about my dress! i got it here & my necklace here
    for those who have asked, i am 5'3" and this dress hit right above my knees. it's meant to fit loose & baggy, totally my type of dress. my brother-in-law gives me a hard time every now and then and always compliments my "burlap sack", {aka almost all the dresses i own} haha. this was taken on our pit stop to austin at the magnolia market in waco because it's 100% necessary to visit every. dang. day. {also for those who asked, austin is just about a three hour drive from where we live in dallas!}
    it was the perfect dress for the 80 degree & sunny weather that day. if you're taller than me, you probably wouldn't want to wear this on a windy day... some luckies got a nice view of my under garments when the gusts of hurricane wind decided to play. hah!
    lastly, just throwin' this in here because hubbbbbba hubbbbaaaa. also because i'm low-key very obsessed with ginormous cacti.
    love y'all! til next time ;)
    xoxo celo
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