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    letterfolk letter board - do your home a favor and snag one of these. it comes with interchangeable letters. thanks for the lovely gift, letterfolk!

    Yesterday, my family I celebrated my grandma reuniting with my grandpa in heaven this week. Funerals are never fun to attend, but having the peace of knowing she's in a much better place is calming.

    On a different note, if I had a dime for every time I beg Andrew to play guitar for me… I'd have a lot of dimes. I fall under his spell once he picks it up every now and then and fantasize about singing Sound of Music all day long along side him (normal? probably not). I was raised on The Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz my entire life (another normal thing? probably not) and every lyric is forever imprinted on my soul, I thought hanging lyrics to one of my favorite songs from that film would be a nice touch to our home. Now, all I need are the green hills of Austria and a hand-stitched dress made from drapes to match my feelings.


    xoxo celo

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    • isabelle says...

      what color is on your wall?? i love it!!!

      June 09, 2016

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