• we moved..again! + albion fit

    whoever said moving three times in less than one year was a good idea, is suuuuper wrong. oh yeah! that was me. but! i am so happy to be in a home with andrew where i know we will be comfortable together for longer than a year, and potentially start a family in this home. and the house i'm speaking of, is actually the very place i was born and raised in my young years. the nostalgic & crazy sentimental girl in me squeals at the fact we are making memories again in this special little place!

    my personality is not very good at being out of my normal routine or comfort zone. i'm itching to get every tiny thing squared away and make our lives comfortable and normal again. but alas, we are only human and cannot fix our new home overnight. we are living in a sea of boxes and i think i wore the same outfit four days in a row because our clothes went missing in said sea of boxes. 

    this morning, a little gift from my lovely friends at Albion Fit arrived. i can change my outfit for the first time of the week! hallelujah, amen. i have been waiting months for these leggings, y'all. MONTHS. i'm pretty sure they are made of telly tubbies and cotton candy from how soft they are. and don't even get me started on these muted colors. what a dream! they have been selling out of these so fast, and i finally got my hands on them! not to mention, this matching sports bra is just as soft. the one i am wearing is in the color "millcreek". I essentially wore it for morning yoga, but the outfit accidentally slipped into my work hours, and will probably accidentally slip into our date night. my tangly post-workout hair will probably be there, too {like always!}.

    shop my leggings here, and my sports bra top here.

    the lovelies at Albion are giving my followers an exclusive discount {code: CELESTECCLARK} to save you cash monay at your checkout. snag these two items before they sell out for good!

    hopefully next time you see me, our life and home will be less of a mess. but who am i kidding! it always will be ;)


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